#9 Parry

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Day 9 – Parry

Wielding a magic fencing sword and possessing superhuman senses, Parry has made a small name for herself on the city streets fighting off thugs and robbers while delicately dodging all of their attacks. Her fencing is sharp and powerful, though her outfit leads onlookers to question why she isn’t clad in tights like most other superheros.

What they don’t know, is that Parry’s real name is Relish Treelove, an elven fencer from another world of dragons and dungeons, who was transported to our world and has no idea how to get back. While she adjusted fairly quickly her only link to her old life was her sword, and she feels naked walking around without it. She found a job as a waitress in a costume themed gentleman’s club, that let her carry the sword in a pirate outfit. While demeaning it’s the most at home she feels in the city. However, when a group of robbers tried to hold up the club, she leapt into action without thinking and defeated them in a few short strikes. But before the police arrived she panicked, not wanting to be discovered. She tore off one of the robbers masks, and as they arrived she came up with the name Parry, proclaimed to be a new superhero, and ran off.

Her co-workers kept her secret, so she decided to continue playing at a superhero, and Relish welcomes those sudden moments of daring-do combat, like she’s connecting to the world she once knew.

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