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Day 9: ” Electrician”

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008 – Atë

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This scooter girl’s actually a goddess of mischief and folly.  She enjoys ruining the day.

She has many sets of piercings.  A pair of dermals on each wrist, a pair of dimple cheek ones, one on the top of her nose and one on the bottom of her lips.  She also has some spike plugs in her ears.  Her jacket has a number of patches and she wears rings, one on each ring and pinkie finger.

#08 – Abbrah

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Clive Smith was a magician.  One day, he realized that rabbits weren’t the only thing he could make disappear…

Day 8: Yolandi the Yellow-Eyed Penguin

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#08 Yolandi the Yellow-Eyed Penguin

#6 James Lewis – shipwrecked astronaut

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Astronaut Lewis’ cargo freighter was struck by space debris on a long haul mission 23 years ago.  His vessel the “Esmeralda” crash landed on the planet Atrilles III, whilst most ship systems were salvageable the emergency beacon was destroyed beyond repair along with launch capabilities.  Atrilles III’s atmosphere is Earth like but much thinner requiring the salvaged cargo containers and crashed ship to be built into a makeshift sealed habitat and for Lewis to wear his pressure suit outside.

*phew… almost caught up!

#8 Une

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Here’s pretty much the opposite of the Ha’arthan Det, Une.  He’s a Hi’arthan, a race similar to Det’s but with less muscle mass in the body and more in the head.  Une’s  a general programmer and also a fan of the romance languages, even though their civilization doesn’t really speak it.

hi'arthian une the programmer it guy copy

Day 8 – The Verbumate

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Day 8 - Verbumate FINAL

The Verbumate is a jerk. He loves to tease with impossible riddles and has bad taste in jokes and jesting.

Day 7: Moo-gma (Lava Cow)

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#9 Parry

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Day 9 – Parry

Wielding a magic fencing sword and possessing superhuman senses, Parry has made a small name for herself on the city streets fighting off thugs and robbers while delicately dodging all of their attacks. Her fencing is sharp and powerful, though her outfit leads onlookers to question why she isn’t clad in tights like most other superheros.

What they don’t know, is that Parry’s real name is Relish Treelove, an elven fencer from another world of dragons and dungeons, who was transported to our world and has no idea how to get back. While she adjusted fairly quickly her only link to her old life was her sword, and she feels naked walking around without it. She found a job as a waitress in a costume themed gentleman’s club, that let her carry the sword in a pirate outfit. While demeaning it’s the most at home she feels in the city. However, when a group of robbers tried to hold up the club, she leapt into action without thinking and defeated them in a few short strikes. But before the police arrived she panicked, not wanting to be discovered. She tore off one of the robbers masks, and as they arrived she came up with the name Parry, proclaimed to be a new superhero, and ran off.

Her co-workers kept her secret, so she decided to continue playing at a superhero, and Relish welcomes those sudden moments of daring-do combat, like she’s connecting to the world she once knew.

#5 Sarah Shannon – keeper of the Sledge

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The Sledge is an ancient alien weapon that harnesses the power of a minature black hole and Sarah comes from a long line of Sledge keepers, her Father before her, his Mother before him.  Used by Sarah’s grandmother to defend Earth from an invasion of aliens it has served as more of a symbol for peace and harmony amongst the people of Earth than a practical weapon.

Sarah stands by ready to defend the Earth at all costs.

#9 The KOALA

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In a freak accident involving a SOBER savage Koala and a mystical Bruja witch, Alec Casava (yes like the cake, but not as squishy) became cursed and the tattoo of a gentle koala on his chest brings out his super Luchadore powers, but only when he is sober. When he is drunk, he becomes soft and cuddly and huggable… Unfortunately ( or is it fortunately? ) because of his size and genetic makeup is 99.999999%(the 9’s keep going) incapable of getting so drunk to be weakened into a cuddly huggable guy. He also makes a delicious casava cake. WHY?! because people always ask “Hey Alec, can you make a casava cake?” and then they laugh as if they’re super smart for being the first person to come up with that joke. JOKES on them, Alec CAN make casava cake.  And he feeds it to them with a dash of eucalyptus leaves.

Favorite Move: The Koala Shuffle (hugs opponent around the waist while shifting from the torso down to the legs like a koala moves down a branch)

Signature Move: The KOALA (hugs opponent until he or the opponent falls asleep and continues to hold without losing grip)