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Day 8: Randy

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30char008Randy is a former zoo keeper. He has seen the error of his ways and is teaming up with Zooey to defend the rights of the animals. Unfortunately Randy is a bit of an eccentric and at times overly emotional. He continues to wear his jumpsuit that was his uniform while working in the zoo. He thinks it puts fear into the out of control animals.


Day 10: Buffy the Fluffy Sheep

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#10 Buffy the Fluffy Sheep
(A sheep in wolfs clothing!) Streamed this one on my iPad using the app “SketchClub” and got some great help from the great members on there. This is what resulted from those 2 hours of streaming! 🙂 Enjoy~

Day 7: Lane

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30char007Lane is Zooey’s half brother. He’s one of those types who acts before he thinks, but he’s strong and loyal.


Day 6: Eva

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30char006Eva is the mastermind behind the poaching industry and loves to flaunt it. Zooey hates her.


Day 5: Dale

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30char005Dale is a poacher and an all around not cool guy. Zooey has to battle Dale at some point or another.


Balloon Boy in Pyjamas

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Day10-Balloon Boy

Monster #10

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#10.) Fat Bird Man

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Fat Bird Man… his superpower is a disarming sense of puffy fat bird cuteness.

#10 The seer of death forest

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The seer of death forest

The seer of death forest was born without eyes but was able to see things in her mind before they happened. Her parents were driven insane by her abilities and left her in death forest, a forest that inexplicably died on the day of her birth. There she survived on the contributions given her by those seeking her knowledge.

ginger lady

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Day 10 Charlie Tuck

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#7 Squamata Punk

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Day 7Don’t let its  sharp talons, or the bunged switchblade spook you. These lizard punkers are more about freaking you out with their looks and attitude than their actions.

Big Bug

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Day9-Big Bug-01-01

Mister Ringo (The Apple Boy)

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Day8-Mister Ringo-01-01

Miss Orenji (The Orange Girl)

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Day7-Miss Orenji-01

The Ushi (Cow)

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Day6-The Ushi-01

Day 9: Gabe Aldren (awkward patron)

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We’ve all seen this guy… he’s that guy at the new coffee shop who has to tell you why he’s awkward because he’s used to how it was when the old management ran things… and then wanders half in your way and has a comment for every time you walk by… cuz you know… he… knows things.

2013 Post#9 — Johnny Rocket-Butt

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Wilcox Post#9 — Johnny Rocket-Butt

What can I say about this guy? I was working on a different character, something I was trying to draw in a Japanese manga style. I am familiar with mangas (bought my first one in the 1970s), but I wanted my Saturday character to be just right. So I’ve been hemming-and-hawing since then, afraid to commit myself. I looked for and printed off source material, and finally sat down to re-educate myself into the manga style. And within a few minutes created the above little character. Just whipped it off.

Johnny isn’t the character I planned to publish (I’ll do that tomorrow), but  event mentioned above does indicate the advantage of just sitting down, be confident in your own abilities, and just do the thing you planned.

‘Course, if I do the character in the future, i’ll use a brush technique. Sorry about all those scratchy lines.

#10 – Detritus

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10 - Detritus

When water is caught in a small, boxy space, it tends to form whirlpools. After the flood, an unusually high number of bodies were recovered from spiral clumps of mud that collected where bus stops once stood.

No #11 Ruben Kaae

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No #11


No #11 Ruben Kaae

Day 9 – Monsterology – The Unt

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day 9 - the Unt FINAL

The Unt is a massively brutish and hairy piece of work, with eyes on the ends of long stalks for looking around corners and under closed doors in order to surprise its’ victims.

No #8-9 Frank Raabirck

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For more stuff go HERE!


Day 10: Bondi Swordsman

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Bondi SwordsmanTaking a short break from the Demonstar characters to design some vikings for an upcoming game module using the same core rules.


Day 3: Claire

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Claire is the main, and essentially only fully human, character in this world I’m constructing (Lazare). She is going to be the focus of the story when I am able to place it into webcomic form. She was once a major believer in the mythological creatures that might have once roamed the Earth, but gave it up after years of her step-father continuously insisting that they weren’t real every time she would talk about or draw them. Lazare would have been her paradise just five years before, but now that she is a college sophomore the only thing on her mind after finding herself in the secret home of myths is getting home.

Day 10: Herbert

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This is Herbert.

I’m not a huge fan of his design, so no write-up for this one.



#6 Boom-a-Rang

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Day 6Australia’s own masked marauder, Boom-a-Rang!


(In retrospect I would have liked to take a more aboriginal approach to his design, beautiful radiating dot patterns, etc.)

Day 10: Tungsten Terror

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Fred 10: Man-Plane

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Is it a man? Is it a plane? Nope. Man-Plane.

Fred 09: Nabla Nabla

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Nabla does not believe in free will; It’s not that she WANTS to seduce you and eat your guts, it’s that she HAS to.

Fred 08: Roger Swampson

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Roger is an old school movie editor. He is saddened by the disappearance of film in the industry.

#5 Greenman

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This is my version of a green man. If I was to spend more time on it, I would check the leaves are correct and make him seasonal.


This is getting hard – I’ve fallen so far behind!