#10 Shannon

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Day 10 – Shannon

Junior maintenance mechanic aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Delivery, Shannon is in charge of making sure various little things on the ship are still functioning at proper capacity. While being on a military vessel is a serious job, and one she doesn’t take lightly, Shannon is just the type who always has a song stuck in her head, and the urge to dance to it. Most of her work is below decks, where the best she can do is tap her feet to the beat as she tightens bolts and replaces cables. But when time permits, her favorite place is on deck between maneuvers, where she boogies her heart out dancing up and down the runway to a song only she can hear.

The other crewmen occasionally take bets on which song it was based on her rhythm, but so far no one has ever gotten it right besides the captain.

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