#9 the automaton warrior of Yolara 7

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For centuries Yolara 7 was gripped in war with one of it’s neighbouring planets. The Yolarians had the technological superiority but their enemies had the sheer numbers. Realising that their enemies were at the planetary gate the Yolarians developed the automaton warriors. Metal guards placed around all of Yolara 7 as a failsafe when their enemies made planetfall.

They were a successful defence that held their enemies at bay for almost 300 years.  Sadly the Yolarians did not get to see their idea succeed so well as their enemies introduced biological weapons into the atmosphere and within 20 years the planet became a ghost town protected by the automaton warriors.  Centuries after the last Yolarian took her final breath the warriors whilst diminished in numbers still present problems for archaeologists attempting to unlock the secrets of the Yolarian civilisation.

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