#11 Felix Mueller – the man who refused to die

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Felix Mueller was the leading scientist in bio mechanical developments, his speciality was bridging the brain with mechanical devices in the hopes of producing faster and better computing interfaces.  He discovered that he was dying from a rare condition that ravaged his body. With technology still years away from furnishing him with a mechanical body that he might move around and resume his research he opted for the crude mechanics of his time and built a rig to keep his brain alive.

Once inside his new prison Felix became quite insane, unable to regulate or control his biochemistry it ran wild throwing him into fits of insane anger and then outlandish joy.  Eventually his assistants pack him up and placed him on a shelf with his volume turned right down where he could watch over them without disturbing them.

He spent many an afternoon with a tea towel  draped over his head…


I really loved this piece so I popped it up on my Society6 page (a woefully maintained account)

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  1. Robin White says:

    Ha! I absolutely love this!

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