#11 Sister Arabella

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Day 11 – Sister Arabella

without armor:  http://25.media.tumblr.com/62ffe83a8e490b6820f6d5fff6c463fb/tumblr_mw3m89Sw4u1stmkqio2_1280.jpg

Wielder of the Right Wing squads Heavy Flamer, Battle sister Arabella was once a vivid and inspiring combatant in the march against Xenos, Heretics, and Mutants. Once nicknamed Firefly by her fellow sisters, the name has lost usage in recent years however. During the cleansing purge of an ork conquered world, Arabella valiantly brought her flamer to bear against a Deff Dread, Incinerating the occupant. But the orkish tech heresy managed to get it’s claws around her skull, piercing her helmet and biting through her skull. It stopped functioning only after just cutting faintly into her brain matter. She was recovered after nearly half an hour of having the Ork klaw pinched round her head.

Although the Biologis managed to save her life and repaired her skull quite miraculously, the emotional centers in her brain are shot, disabling her from expressing any emotion in her face or mood. She speaks in a monotone pattern and has needed special exemption from being punished for being unable to sing the battle hymns proper scales with her fellow sisters. Arabella does demonstrate her faith in combat, matching without fear upon enemy lines. Captured heretics have been heard swearing that the only thing more terrifying than a Sister of Battle screaming in holy fury down on them, is Arabella burning heretics just as dispassionately as the fire her weapon breathes.

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