#3 – Fleet Navigator Tyla Garvet

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Tyla Garvet is the 15th person to ascend to the role of Fleet Navigator.  When the fleet of world-ships left Sol centuries ago, seeking new worlds and new adventures, the role of Ship and Fleet Navigators had been little more than their Earthbound equivalent: charting a course and avoiding dangers.  Since then, it has evolved to the point that Navigators are like monarchs, with near-total authority over the ships and people they guide.  Even the Ship-Captains bow to them.

Tyla’s tenure as Fleet Navigator should have been one of excitement and joy, as the fleet entered a new system, and prepared to seed a new colony for humanity.  But others have entered the system as well – the insectoid Hrenl, whose hive-ships have begun to colonize the asteroids, and they do not wish to share this system with another.

The people of the world-ships look to Tyla to lead them safely.  Now, she must lead them to war.

(Fell behind these past few days, partly due to having to get my eyeglasses replaced and partly due to a family… problem.  We’ll see how well I can catch up in the days ahead.)

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