#4: Papa Doc

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Papa Doc is a Haitian Bokor or sorcerer what some would call a witch doctor. Since his arrival in Alternative City he’s made a name for himself in the underworld as a loan shark and as someone you would go to if you wanted an enemy “taken care of”. Despite his small stature Papa Doc is feared by most people in the community. Partly because of superstition and partly because he usually travels with a seven foot zombie that he created, and no one wants to end up like that poor doomed soul.

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Category: 2013, Drama, Horror, Humor, WTF

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Hi, my name is Lorenzo Ross. I write & draw several comics that can be seen on my website alternativecitycomics.com. I try to inject a bit of humor into all of my strips because I believe you can be serious about your work without taking yourself too seriously. This is my second time doing the challenge and I've decided to create more characters for the alternative city universe. Good luck to everyone participating!

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