Day 5 and 6: Duffy and Zach

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Yes, I did skip day 4. I’m still working on him… never done a full-on shapeshifter before, so it’s taking a lot more references and time than I thought.
In that same vein, these two are actually my first attempt at anthropomorphic characters. Hopefully they aren’t too terrible anatomy-wise, and if they are I apologize to those who are bothered by that.
Duffy and Zach are fraternal twins. I referenced sand cats for Duffy and black pumas/panthers for Zach. Duffy is playful, but her brother is just as mischevious as he is playful so Duffy has to smooth over quite a few spots of trouble that Zach gets himself or them both into. They work for Damien and service some clients together and others separately, depending on the client’s preferences.

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  1. Lee says:

    I think I’ve only ever done one anthropomorphic character properly and then it was a manga hybrid image.

    Great job on the feet!

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