Day 7: Chany (pronounced “Shawnee”)

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If the horn doesn’t give it away, Chany is a unicorn. Yes, it is cliche, but I loved “The Last Unicorn” so much when I was a child I just had to go there.

Even in Lazare, unicorns are rare, as it takes them around a hundred years to mature sexually. Chany is only about seventy, so she has yet to produce a foal, but she and her mother make a tidy living by providing shavings from each other’s horns. Unicorn horn shavings are used in many things that faeries make, which tend to be potions/elixers/salves/powders so they are relatively valuable. Unicorns are also highly requested in their human forms as performers. They do not sing, it is most similar to the resonance that one feels from a chackra chime after it’s been struck. They are also the only creature in Lazare that is never requested in a brothel setting because they are so revered as a species, and thus there has never been a mixed breed as far as unicorns go.

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