#13.) Drifter

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Drifter is a mysterious figure that can be seen in the loneliest areas of abandoned roads, the darkened corners under city bridges, and in the forgotten areas of civilization. She is always seen playing her banjo. If approached, she will only stop playing and respond to one request- asking if she can play you a song. She will ask you what you would prefer to hear- a song about the best or worst moment of your life. If you want to hear a song about your best moment, she will play a song that will be so intoxicating that you will feel all the highs and joy of your happiest time. You will almost relive that memory, exactly as if you were there again. After the song, you go on your way with nothing more gained or lost.

If you ask to hear her play a song about the worst moment of your life, she will sing a song that will cut into the very heart of your being and make you relive all of the pain your lowest time can bring. When the song is done, though, you will leave a much wiser person then before, understanding the world and your place in it a little better then before.

If asked why she is blindfolded, she simply says that it’s “to see your memories better”.


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