#13 Molten Archon

| November 14, 2013 | 0 Comments


The fun loving Molten Archon, just wants to frolic amongst the pressurized gas fissures and lava lakes drinking lava and just taking in the carbon monoxide, methane and all sorts of poisonous gasses for humans. Unfortunately, “heroes” think he’s protecting some sort of treasure with his bulky weight and impenetrable skin. Unlike actual monsters, the Molten Archon isn’t attacking these transgressors, but thinks they’re actually playing a game with him. The Molten Archon enjoys the game until his playmates break…

Category: 2013, Fantasy

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Donald has been making comics for a few years. He is currently drawing comics for Marriage and Laughter. He enjoys sleeping, drawing, milkshakes and reading comics. His dreams involve fans, many of them adoring his work and maybe the occasional crumpled bills thrown at him.

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