Day 14: Rebel Captain

| November 14, 2013 | 2 Comments

Rebel CaptainBack to the Demonstar pieces. This guy is one of 6 player pieces for my WIP, 3D print-and-play board game. The pixel-art below is by my insanely talented brother, Cameron Croft.


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Hey, everyone. My name is Arian and I'm a writer/game designer/3D printing maniac from Bellingham, Washington. I'm also the co-founder and lead developer for a little, open source game company called Ill Gotten Games. You can find and download my designs here: Good luck, everybody, and keep designing!

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  1. AustenFM says:

    Another eerie little creation, I really like their scale and stylization.

    I’m also super psyched to see you got Cam involved with this one, he’s making some awesome little renditions, love the colors and variation between the characters, super solid, hope to see more!

    • Dutch Mogul says:

      Thanks, man! I love what you’ve been doing as well. We’ve gotta talk shop soon. Yeah, Cam’s been a trooper on this one. You should see some of the stuff he’s been working on for me.

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