#16 – Runner

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16 - Runner

After the flood, most of the city’s poor congregated in the few buildings that managed to survive. As the government rebuilt the financial and industrial centers of the city, the less fortunate spent what resources they could to make their new homes livable. The only real similarity between the bright, shiny new buildings of downtown and the ramshackle tenement buildings of the old city are that neither could expunge their spirits through simple reconstruction. Just as the city center has its wandering dead commuters, the damaged apartment buildings play host to the lingering souls of former inhabitants.

The Runner is a particularly intense spirit that inhabits a stairwell in one of the tallest buildings in the old city. Every night, it can be heard rushing headlong down the stairs, only to disappear at the bottom and reappear at the top. No one has been able to find anything out about it, other than that it does not like being seen.

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