#16 Sister Kathrine

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Day 16 – Sister Kathrine

Without armor:  http://31.media.tumblr.com/25c51d263c43c862cf9ad3502b042301/tumblr_mwcxgaLBuU1stmkqio2_1280.jpg

A ray of sunshine in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, Sister Kathrine always seems to be in high spirits, despite walking the battlefields of heretics, mutants, and xenos. Under commander Marci’s wing, she developed into an excellent vox officer, relaying orders between the various squads, calling in exorcist support, or just announcing where her Canoness has wandered off to. She usually takes up the back end of the wing, doing clean up work since she’s not the most accurate shot. Her battle instincts and reactions are second to none among her sisters, and she makes excellent use of their firepower midst the chaos of war.

Her skills in order relaying are impressive, it’s only because she borrows the authority of the others around her to speak. When given a chance to speak her mind, she can’t find her words and stutters. Which her commander loves to see her so adorably fidget with her words when they have the rare recreational time together between crusades.

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