Day 15: Sensei Kame

| November 16, 2013 | 2 Comments

Wise Sensei Kame was a great warrior ninja in the old days. This old turtle has left behind the days where he stood as a hero for the weak, he will always tell his old stories about ancient days when he and his brothers were proud warriors of the people. He is just old. But with new battles to be fought, he looks for a young student to train and to direct.

In the world of New Gaius, creatures from the Grey have invaded, and humans are a dwindling species. Beings of magic and myth have manifested to protect and integrate with the last survivors. But still, the fate of humanity is uncertain in this strange, beautiful new world.


Category: 2013, Fantasy

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  1. Donald says:

    Love the partial bust and the crayon selective coloring. Also love the design on the turtle shell and the portion that the neck and limbs are coming out of. There are a variety of ways people display these parts and actually having turtle pets probably makes turtle subjects even more interesting. Thanks for the TURTLE POWER!

    • frodog28 says:

      Thanks so much. I was excited to make this TMNT tribute, and glad you saw it. I’ve seen a lot of “more realistic” versions of the old Green Team, and I enjoyed taking my own shot at it.

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