Day 16: Nezumi, Ninja Rat

| November 16, 2013 | 2 Comments

Young Nezumi just wanted to have fun with her 31 brothers and sisters, running the underground and eating endless dishes of yakitori. But when the wicked Finger Clan of Grey assassins came against her village, she barely escaped with her life. Hungry for justice, she searched for the old old ninja warrior, Sensei Kame. Now, under his tutelage, she strikes with a silent blade and slips into deep shadows.

In the world of New Gaius, creatures from the Grey have invaded, and humans are a dwindling species. Beings of magic and myth have manifested to protect and integrate with the last survivors. But still, the fate of humanity is uncertain in this strange, beautiful new world.


Category: 2013, Fantasy

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  1. Corrie says:

    As a big fan of ninja, I gotta say that I really love this one. Keep up the good work, man, I really dig the style.

    • frodog28 says:

      Really appreciate your compliment. I really had fun doing a couple of ninjas (I haven’t touched it too much since the mid 80’s, if you know what I mean). Hope you keep enjoying it!

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