#18 Scorch

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Day 18 – Scorch

In a destroyed wasteland of earth, plagued by radiation, magic, and all manner of hell, there are many varieties of horrible creatures and demons that threaten the few people left among the shattered continent. But the broken world is not without means to combat them. Created by one demon lord to fight others in a civil war for earth, the Scarlet prison was weaved. Spun from the breathing fires of hell itself, It is a mass of robe material that can capture beings in it’s extra dimensional pocket, deep within it’s folds. It succeeded in it’s mission and captured every demon from the rival legion, but was then left without purpose. The Demon lord held within coerced the prison to let him stretch his limbs beyond it’s walls, so that it might aid it in a new task. Capturing all the demons of the legion who had created it.

while it had only started this task, the demon lord inside it was not careful with his attacks. grasping out and pulling in all manner of demon but without realizing it had grabbed a small baby girl. The robe was not designed to ever let a prisoner out, and the poor girl was stuck inside it’s extra dimensional pocket shared, but not in contact, with an unimaginable mass of demons before she could even speak.

The demon lord’s vision for revenge, he realized, held no hatred toward humans after hunting so many of his kind. Regretting so his choice, he commanded the prison to allow her to have as much an existence as it could. Demons have eternity to hunt each other, but the young girl does not. But the prison could not simply give up it’s hunt.

Now 19, and still very naive to the ways of the actual human world, She travels the wasteland seeking out anyone who has made mention of hellish creatures nearby to continue to fill the prison. To aid her, the demon lord and other like minded demons extend their help through the many folds. Where her arm might disappear under it, a wicked claw might come forth, hide her mouth and a fire breathing maw may appear, and wherever she walks, there is hellfire.

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