#17 Rywn Forest Guard

| November 19, 2013 | 0 Comments


Rywn has one of the hardest jobs in the Elven Forest Corp, do not let the forest catch on fire. Trees and plants just suddenly ignite when they’re depressed so it’s Rywn’s primary task to keep the trees and plants happy. Sometimes he has to sing songs or dance a funny jig. For some reason, one of the favorites are when he spins like a ballerina spinning as fast as he can, unfortunately the enjoyable part for the plants is when Rywn throws up. Plants are just cruel…

Category: 2013, Fantasy, Humor

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Donald has been making comics for a few years. He is currently drawing comics for Marriage and Laughter. He enjoys sleeping, drawing, milkshakes and reading comics. His dreams involve fans, many of them adoring his work and maybe the occasional crumpled bills thrown at him.

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