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Tim was born in the magical era between the release of “Star Wars: A New Hope” but before Zack Morris introduced the world to “The Brick” cell phone.  He, like many of his age group, were raised to believe that they could be anything they wanted.  However, he was never able to achieve that.  Not for lack of wanting it.  He just always played it safe, never really tried, never took any “risk”.  He always went with the flow and never had much of an opinion on anything.  His life isn’t bad, far from it.  He has a beautiful wife with a child on the way, a decent job, and his health is alright… there’s just a part of him that has always wanted a little more out of his meek existence… and he’s getting old enough to realize that those windows may be closing…

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Dreams of being a "creative" for hire...but wastes life in retail hell...

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