#20 Kathy Jones – Astronaut Space Zombie Killer

| November 20, 2013 | 2 Comments

day 20 Kathy Jones - Astronaut Space Zombie Killer

When Commander Kathy Jones and her crew first landed on Yelara VII they discovered a planet ravaged by a zombie plague, its entire inhabitants turned into mindless flesh craving zombies. Jones’ crew were overrun and she was left to defend the spaceship and make her escape.  Eventually others landed on the planet and space zombies would find their way off the planet.  Kathy now travels the universe destroying them.

Category: 2013, Horror, Scifi

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Zombie etiquette expert, social media guy, illustrator, podcaster, pop culturalist & sadly not a Ghostbuster. http://shortstormtrooper.com http://oddmonsters.com

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  1. I love how you tied the dead zombie in foreground to make sure we knew that the guys in the back were zombies.

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