#7 & #8 Jörm the Stonecutter & Bergrisar of the Mosses

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#7 & #8 Jörm the Stonecutter & Bergrisar of the Mosses


In the spring, when the daylight starts to come back, if you wander the Northern shore, you might just come across Jörm. With a seemingly ordinary hammer & chisel, the boy surveys the shoreline in search of stones in which to carve. But Jörm is no ordinary boy. The special runes he carves into these stones give them peculiar properties. Some begin to float. Others can change shape or size. Others become completely immobile, even if the stone in question is just a pebble. Some even take on a life of their own, the only company the boy surrounds himself with.

Stranger still, you can only find Jörm in the spring, & only along the coast. But you can find him there every spring, like clockwork. In fact you could’ve found him there for the past 194 recorded springs. And in all that time, the boy has never aged a day.

Bergrisar is one of Jörm’s creations. Carved out of a huge hunk of an eroded igneous boulder, Bergrisar’s appearance was based off the fierce Frost Giants of legend & acts almost as Jörm’s vanguard, securing his seclusion, floating around & guarding him from intruders. While Jörm is said to be completely mute, Bergrisar is prone to all manner of screaming & shouting, with a feral voice that sends shivers down the spines of even the bravest of warriors. At full volume, his shriek has been known to strip the bark from trees with the force of a gale. Once, Bergrisar took a warhammer to his eye carving, pulverizing it into a rocky fissure. Ever since, a brilliant green moss as creeped from the wound.

Don’t know the meaning of the word “quit.” I’ve got a lot of other things going on & I’m not going to officially post this to my tumblr until I get all that other stuff out the way, catch up, color this, & have a second to breathe. Came from a half an hours’ worth of playing Skyrim. Wanted to do some kind of viking kid that was supernatural. Somehow he became nordic Tetsuo. The sentient boulder came into play later & I realized I probably could flesh a character out of him too. Probably a cop out but whatever. I think he’s pretty well-realized. Sorry I couldn’t color really. Would’ve liked to do green along Bergrisar’s missing eye to show that the scar is actually moss. And I would’ve made the runes glow too.

I’ve been doing roughs & have characters up to day 19. I’m still looking to do as many good characters as I can muster in the 30 days, but like I said, I’ve got something else going on that’s more of a priority I’m afraid.

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