#21 The Storm Sisters

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Day 21 – The Storm Sisters

Without armor:  http://31.media.tumblr.com/6eca86f61bdfba9d540ec7071e8a4061/tumblr_mwp16tWU0P1stmkqio2_1280.jpg

Natural born triplets, the battle sisters Phara, Maribell, and Aurora (pictured here left to right and youngest to oldest). Born less than 5 minutes apart from each other, these sisters have always been exceptionally close after losing their parents. Their childhood was littered with disciplinary marks however, as the three sisters were habitual pranksters. They’d even developed the strategy of always dressing alike and having one of the three of them somewhere obvious to have an alibi, so that no senior officer could punish one of them without risking punishing the wrong one. This backfired shortly after they were inducted to the ranks of the sister acolytes, as the three of them were often disciplined together if any of them disobeyed. This led to them becoming very well attuned to working together, both in and out of combat.

While attending to prisoners of faith in one of their punishments, a riot broke out and one of the heretics got his hands on a lasgun and struck Phara. Although she attempted to block, the weapon was on full charge and dealt significant damage to her. In the months to follow, after being repaired by the adeptus mechanicus, her personality became a little more pragmatic, and ended up leading her sisters unit when the three of them made Battle sister rank.

As Left Wing, they march aside with powerful storm bolters, unleashing a hurricane of bolt fire on any target that Right wing cannot yet get into flamer range with. While Phara leads with calm determination, her older sisters still can’t help making jokes or throwing insults at enemies as they rain death down upon them, the echoing sound of laughter and gunfire the last thing many a heretic ever hears.

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