#22 – A Goddess named Revlis

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Thousands of years ago, many gods gathered together to discuss various things that they had to.  One of them, Revlis (Silver backwards), got a little too lazy and then when the other gods noticed, they decided to banish her to a far away island on Earth.


She was then discovered in the 21st Century by a group of curious adventurers.  Upon freeing her from her curse, she mistook them for the gods that banished her and accidentally killed them in a blind rage.


She has no memory of her past, she only remembers her powers and that she’s a goddess from an ancient civilization.  It is unknown whether or not the other gods were justified in banishing her, or if they were just being complete jerks and were too concerned with their meetings.


In her time, she was supposed to be watching over would-be inventors and innovators, and she has the ability to summon any item or weapon that exists in whatever timeline she inhabits.  Being the 21st Century, this means she can summon any firearm or sword and use it whenever she wants.  There are limits to her powers, however.  If she uses them too much, she will lose consciousness and will have to wait up to two or three days to use them again.

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