#22 Lady Beryl

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Day 22 – Lady Beryl

Trapeze artist in one of the most popular circuses in Europe, Beryl is a master of swinging, hanging, tumbling, and otherwise sailing through the air on nothing but the horizontal bar. But she wasn’t always the best. When she was first learning the trade, she developed a fear of heights after being distracted by the sudden lights, shines, and sparkles from the audience’s cameras, jewelery, or glasses, and fell. Although she landed in the net safely she couldn’t handle herself on the bar again, so she asked the fortune teller if she could help.

The old woman saw an opportunity she couldn’t pass up, and instead of simply getting Beryl over her fear, implanted a suggestion into her mind to become transfixed by things that sparkled or shined, like gemstones. Beryl now has a subconscious compulsion to collect things that will glitter brilliantly as she swings above them, as they give her confidence to dance in the sky, hoping to one day dance in the sky above a glittering field of gems and give the best performance of her life. She doesn’t ever recall stealing the precious stones, as the fortune teller collects the items from her and uses their shine to further hypnotize her, keeping her focused on getting more by fooling her into thinking that every job is the second to last one she needs.

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