#23 Trever Beckford

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Day 23 – Trever Beckford

Soldier turned supermodel, Trever fought in a number of bloody conflicts and was exposed to some of the worst and ugliest situations that humanity has to offer. When his tour of duty finally ended and he returned home, he discovered that most people do not appreciate the beauty they have. That it cheapens real art and that they have lost respect for the few things in this world that are truly beautiful. A light shines brightest when surrounded with darkness, so to does beauty. It had been a simple decision, rid the world of the people who play at perfection, but are not worthy to be considered beautiful, so that the shining stars among us can be seen. (such as himself)

He is not impatient, however, and carefully plans his killings. Going to far as to introduce a line of fashion shoots called “Fashion is Brutal” where otherwise clean suits and dresses are bloodied up, to look like the model had just committed some violent act. This ploy has already kept people from discovering a number of his many murders, as people do not question a man in a bloody suit who has confidence and style.

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