#25 Dracon

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Draco is like a dog, loyal, obedient and loves games. His favorite game is fetch and all the variations with the game such as fetch the hero’s skull or fetch the entrails of the next passerby. Sometimes the unfortunate souls don’t even know they’ve wandered into Dracon’s play time area before it is too late. Once they’ve set foot in his vicinity they’re automatically agreed to play, the other unfortunate part is that the games never end until the traveler has expired…

His sharp claws allow him to open most armor and if it doesn’t rip open, they’re thin and long enough to dig into most openings in the armor. His dome cowl provides him with protection from mental and magical disruptions from playing the game he’s currently enjoying with his current playmate. The perfect playmate for anyone.

Category: 2013, Fantasy, Horror

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Donald has been making comics for a few years. He is currently drawing comics for Marriage and Laughter. He enjoys sleeping, drawing, milkshakes and reading comics. His dreams involve fans, many of them adoring his work and maybe the occasional crumpled bills thrown at him.

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