Day 27: Genius Schnazz

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In New Gaius, goblins run in great packs. Usually they pester everyone, looting human refugee camps, setting fires, pouncing on bands of grey wanderers, starting wars for fun. They don’t have much reason or order to their mischief making. One lone goblin, Schnazz, is both blessed and cursed. He can speak magical words to put the light of the sun in a single stone, or slow time to give himself a moment to think. Other goblins look to him to put some method to their madness, humans have learned to trust him to lend words of wisdom. Either way, he is tired of being smarter than everyone around him, and tired of no one taking his advice as he wishes they would.

In the world of New Gaius, creatures from the Grey have invaded, and humans are a dwindling species. Beings of magic and myth have manifested to protect and integrate with the last survivors. But still, the fate of humanity is uncertain in this strange, beautiful new world.


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