#25 Mistress Helen

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Without armor: http://24.media.tumblr.com/80eccd8dfc499d3cc1c8e7007fbe663c/tumblr_mx1rwqLIEO1stmkqio2_1280.jpg

Day 25 – Mistress Helen

The Order of the Valorous Heart, moreso than any of it’s sister orders, is known for having a particularly large number of Sister Repentia. The Adepta Sororitas in their order often perceive any slight in duty as damning and seek redemption in one of the harshest and purest forms known to humanity. The Violet Hearts temple, situated on a nearly frozen planet and constantly finding itself thrown into war is seen as taking repentance even a step further. It is here that Helen commands the ranks of Repentia, dressed in only torn robes and the chains that hold their evicerators to them, marching through the frozen snow towards whatever foe it is that challenges humanity next.

Helen finds her duty quite amusing, since the Violet Hearts are some of the least strict practitioners of imperial faith among the Sisters of Battle, but their order often finds itself collecting Repentia from other missions of chapels due to their reputation as being in constant war. Them hoping to die and be absolved in the eyes of the emperor as quickly as possible. Helen leads with compassion in spite of this, and does her best to keep them alive since her young canoness is actually a former repentia herself and is a shining example that taking the pledge of the repentant should be a test of faith, not a death sentence.

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