#29 Alan Griffin and the TS36 BattleMech

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Elderly Alan Griffin just wanted to buy a hat because the neighbourhood kids told him he should get one to cover his large bald head.

Through a complicated mix-up at Neozon they delivered the TS36 BattleMech instead.  Skeptical that his new “hat” was going to his liking (why young people had to over complicate things so much he would never know) he followed the instructions and built the augmented exoskeleton.

He complained bitterly to the automated Neozon help line and found them to be very little help indeed.

Resigned to owning a TS36 BattleMech Alan put the suit on and collected his mail.  To his great delight it halved the time required to perform the task and he found the local children threw a lot less rocks at his roof after he obliterated their treehouse.

Also that damned dog from the Henderson’s has stopped pooping on his lawn.

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