#11 – Oceanic Leviathan

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Normally when people consider the horrible terror of Giant Monsters reaching earth through portals in the sea bed, they have something very specific in mind – a big dragon-esque beast that charges to the nearest city and tries to kill everyone.  In actual fact, while there is certainly a precedent for that, by far the mot destructive creature to come through portals is the Oceanic Leviathan, a shy herbivore.   There are several reasons for this – firstly herbivores tend to be more densely packed into a habitat than carnivores, so more come through.  Secondly, a giant almost unkillable grazer quickly devastates an ecosystem where a giant carnivore just starves.  Oceanic Leviathans particularly dive deep into sea trenches when startled, so killing them as soon as they are detected is of vital global importance given they can eat entire kelp beds a day.

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