#12 – New Stalingrad

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Near to the peak of the Cold War, some truly bizarre creations were being unleashed on the World, hugest and most lingering of which was New Stalingrad – a huge walking armored City. The logic of its designers being that a robotic city could move out of the way of nuclear attacks and be very difficult to pin down with long range bombardment.  Hundreds of Soviet Citizens were moved in to operate the city and support it with farms in the upper tiers, a small squadron of fighter jets,  all the power provided by a large nuclear reactor and three medium range atomic warheads.  It then proceeded to wander around the most deserted parts of Siberia keeping out the way of cities which it has continued to do ever since – the robotics technology at the time wasn’t necessarily planned far enough ahead with a way of deactivating it, and much as there is a general consensus that the people inside should be freed, no one wants to provoke a fairly dim robot armed with atomic bombs…


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