#14 – Randall Steel

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Randall Steel is largely regarded as the best value mercenary that money can buy – not necessarily the best out there, as in a world where there is a surplus of superpowered people who want to make a quick buck it makes a buyer’s market for muscle, but Randall has a gold-plated reputation among the nere-do-wells of the world as the go to guy. ¬†While he does maintain a basic level in a broad range of the sorts of subjects a mercenary might be called to know about, when you hire him and his converted, armoured dust-bin lorry the main thing you get is a guy who has experience. ¬†Much as many villains feel that a guy in a flack jacket with a crowbar and a sawn-off shotgun isn’t image appropriate for grandiose schemes, many more are happy to have just such a regular guy driving alongside a zombie army, or protecting a moonlazer or even guarding the villain themselves, you can count on him to deliver.

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