#15 – Ambassadorius

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Every Angels is made for a specific purpose – some are there to play harps, some guard people and some have important jobs in the hierarchy of the Heavens.  One Angel however, lives not in Heaven or on Earth, but in Hell: Ambassadorius – the Grey Angel.  While there is much talk of how heaven will sweep out Hell one day, the point remains that if they could have done it, they would, and similarly with Hell, much as both like posturing.  While they talk big, the likely result would be the destruction of both, and then the pantheon of some religion would move in and take celestial real estate, which is about the one thing that both sides hate the idea of more than each other.  There are various unbreakable universal laws put in place by higher powers to stop direct inter-pantheon conflict, and therefore to prevent the prospect of this chain of events happening, there is the imaginatively named Ambassadorius.

One of the oldest Archangels, he sits in Heavens Embassy in Hell and fixes the problems that arise between the two that might spark something off.  Unlike all other Angels however, his task is not to ensure the protection of Mortals and Angels from Hell, and therefore in his negotiations to stave off crises, and with his powers of diplomacy, he has ceded souls to hell that should go to heaven, and even on occasion retroactively rescinded Entry into Heaven, a prospect which horrifies most angels.  He is cold, cruel, and has no regard for anything save his own task, and this is simultaneously highly effective, but also uniquely amoung the divine beings utterly morality-free.

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