#17 – Lady Taheshi

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The Lady Taheshi is considered by most to be a Terrorist and an Assassin, but for many of the Tengu who live in Japan, she is considered their last hope.  Tengu have been pushed back and back into the wildernesses of Japan the more the country has developed, and while there have been reservations set aside in the past, they are frequently encroached upon every time a major building project needs to head that way.  Lady Taheshi is the first one to refound the great Tengu Court of the Mountains and encourages her followers to violently oppose those who would destroy their homes.  The results have been mixed – on the one hand the rate of encroachment has slowed, but on the other the rate at which Tengu have died to achieve this may signal the end of their species entirely as even the greatest swords do not protect one from automatic weapons…


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