#18 – The Crown of Ctharin

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No one is really sure where the Crown of Ctharin came from, and given the highly public nature of it, it has been deemed impossible to get rid of without causing War with its home country of Mulgarona.  Why it does it’s sadistic machinations, no one is sure, all they know is that it warps the minds of all those who wear it into fulfilling stories.  A Prince or Princess will rise to the throne, and then they become part of the story – they will meet who the crown chooses, fall in love with who the crown chooses and frequently, murder who the crown chooses.  Frequently as they get older it will switch the roles, a handsome young prince will suddenly become an Evil King, only to be slain by a young hero who takes the crown for themselves and the process begins again…  No Arcane reports of Mulgarona have come up with any viable way of breaking the process, and on occasions when people have come close, the crown itself has been known to strike people dead with fire from the eye-like jewel that forms the centrepiece…

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