#21 – Perseus Intailio

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Perseus Intalio, often referred to as “Pintail” is one of the world’s richest men and frequent opponent of Rutherford Duckworth III.  Born into a very wealthy family, but largely ignored by his parents at the expense of his two older siblings, young Perseus was entrepreneurial from a young age.  He developed a taste for the most expensive things in life, and his wealth always ensured he got them.   Known for his extravagant parties, some of which spent thousands per person attending he quickly discovered that people shared his tastes for the finer things in life, and were looking for someone willing to pay people to get them.  Essentially, Perseus for exorbitant fees will find provide any object desired for a person, regardless of the seeming impossibility of acquiring it.

His most famous job was stealing the Empire State building, and it was only returned after a climatic rapier vs. umbrella duel atop the highest point of the building, with Rutherford Duckworth only just prevailing.  Still, his incredible and ever increasing wealth makes him all but unstoppable as his ability to acquire desirable objects is second only to his ability to seed corruption…

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