Day 30 – Solar

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Solar was once an ordinary blogger, until she noticed that she wasn’t getting tired. She also noticed that she was better at physical activity.
It turned out that due to some kind of genetic mutation, she was solar-powered. She began to sneak out of her house at night to see how far she could test her new abilities, only to find herself endlessly pursued by hideous shadows.
The more solar power she absorbed during the day, the more her abilities manifested.

She also found that she stopped aging, that any injuries she sustained at night healed rapidly once day rolled around, and soon she was able to fire concentrated beams of charged power from her hands. She decided to dedicate her life to fighting the shadows and detatch herself from the loved ones she was eventually going to lose, however she still blogs her journey, and the entire world follows.
(Figured since this is THE LAST CHARACTER, I’d go out the same way I started- with a kickass superhero)

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