Robert McKeone – 30 Characters in 30 Days 2013 – Mischief Managed!

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"Daddy's Girl""Tiny" "Lord Resbow" "Danny" "Drew Fuss"

"Edami""Shroomz" "Abbrah" "Larry the Lumberjack" "Fraelyn"

"Pandamonium" "Karlynn""Bandit" "ST-4PH" "The Judge"

"Willy Appleworm" "Tim"  "Puffligeon" "The Littlest Viking""Big Cheeze"

"Louie Leprechaun" "Henry" "Aylxa""Olaf" "Ninja Camel"

"Thea" "Uhngha" "Cletus" "Black Friday" "Wee-Wee"

Though the server time for this challenge is set for “Eastern United States”… I live on the West Coast, so, it was still November 30th when I posted my last (and this) entry, thus successfully completing this years 30 Characters Challenge.  Woohoo!  But if it weren’t for deadlines, nothing would ever get done… am I right?

This year,  I tried to push the “quality” as much as the default quantity.  I wanted each character to match an overall style, and I’d like to think I was quite successful in that, even though I wasn’t entirely sure what that style was gonna be when I started.  There were a lot more animals and creatures this year than I thought there would be.  Was kinda interesting seeing that unfold.  I would also occasionally look back at my entries from 2011, and I must say, I see some growth… which is awesome!

It was a blast seeing some contestants from previous years continuing in the challenge, as well as seeing some new blood, my hats off to all who attempted it.  I’ve got a couple ideas for next years challenge if I participate… but I’ll have to wait til next year to see if I follow through with any of them, or something completely different.

Until then… cheers!

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