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#29 & 30 – Ed and Lace

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These are two wolf people from a tech-reliant tribe opposed to Remy and Romulus’ tribes.  The bulky one’s Ed and the smaller one’s Lace, both part of an offense team from the  tribe.


#28 The Talker

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A bit late, here’s The Talker, a super-villain who manipulates people and things with his words.



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Not enough time! I had preliminary sketches for about 6 more, but are too far behind. I thought I’d put up the remaining sketches up even though not put into the computer:

moonman penguinknight reynold chiara ce  timetraveller tortoise


10. Is a heat/fire emitting fox.

11. Chiara is a female gondelea(?) in Venice of which there are only two, she is also a P.I. using her connections and ease of travel.

12. Is a nomadic engineer who incorporates earthly solutions.

13. Is a time traveler, she is a medic and biochemist who travels through time to find cures in tough terrain throughout time.


That’s all I’ve managed in my first year – I’ll try next year, and will probably work on all these characters beyond! 🙂

#30 Firefighter Medic

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Day 29: YMCA Karate

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#28 Shopper

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