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Literally 15 years ago, a man without higher education had a bright future in our country. What has changed since that time?

Literally 15 years ago, a man without higher education had a bright future in our country. From early childhood all the parents from Vladivostok to Moscow just repeated how important it is to get a University degree.

However, in the modern market of employment of the things in such a way that a crust of higher education has no more power. As once the ticket to a full life, today, a diploma is almost fully depreciated.

Remember how many of your friends work in the specialty? Every year the number of adherents is selected in the 17 years career path is steadily declining. In addition, according to the authoritative RBC, in 2016, the unemployment rate among Russian citizens with tertiary education exceeded 20%.

Hitting into a discussion about the fate of the Russian intelligentsia, one can find many reasons for the devaluation of higher education in the country. Of course, easier to shout about the fact that the quality of education has fallen and young people are now “that”. However, experts of the website came to the conclusion that the main problem of diplomas in Russia lies in their incompatibility with the realities of current job market.

Don’t forget that the spaceships a long time ago to travel through the galaxy, a world densely enmeshed in a network the Internet. Information technology firmly established in the daily routine: online shopping, distance learning, remote work, Internet-friends, our life in the 21st century.

Funny to imagine, but while the 3D printer prints another cyber-prosthesis, somewhere in Russia, the students learn methods of teaching using the flannel-graph;.

It may sound strange, but today the skills of literate writing and fast account can be absolutely useless. Yes, at University you were the star of course, but the employment market will have to get in line and try to hit a demanding employer.

As once in a period of modernization manual labor in factories replaced manual currently, all complex calculations and error checking more trust in the machines. In addition, artificial intelligence is improving every year and the story of Skynet does not seem complete nonsense .

So the only thing not yet able to compete “machine” is our imagination and creativity. If you take into account the sphere of IT and other “koloturskiy” of the industry, a lot willing to pay for one good idea.

In place of the red diploma and certificate qualifications it is more ephemeral self. Today, no one grimaced face at the phrase “he learned.” Rather, such a draw with the prof-improvement will be a significant advantage.

The modern employer wants an Autonomous worker – a professional who don’t need to explain and seek for it the path of the task.

This rearrangement of forces in the labor market only for the best. Almost everyone has a chance to break through skills and talent. Education is not a sentence. No more “accountant needs to work as an accountant”.

For example, one girl Irina always wanted to be an artist, but my parents insisted on a more serious education. Now Irina chemist with an advanced degree, but still working as an artist-Illustrator company “Blizzard” and makes the creativity a lot of money.

HR experts claim, one need not be ashamed of their “ignorance” and lack of paper evidence of professional competence. Of course, some Russian companies still look at diplomas, but do so more at the level of reflex.

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