Best Beaches To Meet Sexy Girls In The Philippines

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Best Beaches To Meet Sexy Girls In The Philippines

This post will break down the best beaches with sexy girls in the Philippines for nightlife and hook ups. When you fly to a country that is made up of so many islands you expect to find a lot of nice beaches. Well in this country and most of Southeast Asia that is actually a lot harder then it sounds.

Finding the combination of nightlife for girls and sex in the Philippines beach towns is even harder. As a single guy you probably will want to have some ways to hook up with girls on your vacation and that is only possible at some of the beach destinations.

You would think that someone would put up a nice beach somewhere near Manila or Cebu City but that hasn’t happened. So if you want to go to one of the better beach destinations you will need to do some traveling.

There are a lot of expats living in this country but not many of them live in the beach towns. They are too touristy and overpriced.

The Nicest Beaches In The Philippines

The two beaches that are considered the best by most people would have to be Boracay and Palawan. These are the two biggest tourist attractions when it comes to beaches and that is because they are the most picturesque.

But do these Philippines beaches have sexy girls and good nightlife? Well in Palawan the answer is not really, but in Boracay you will have plenty of women from around the world partying at the beach, at least when this island is open. They actually closed it down for 6 months to clean it up but it is back up and running again.

There isn’t much nightlife in Palawan but you might be able to find some tourists out partying. If you want to find girls for sex on Philippines beaches ios hookup apps then Boracay will give you a good combination of hook ups and great scenery.

Siargao Island has some nice beaches to visit but the girl scene is lacking unless you visit at the right time when some easy tourists are around.

What Are The Easiest Beaches To Meet Girls For Sex?

If the nightlife is bad in Palawan and just OK in Boracay where can you find good nightlife with a beach also? Well Subic has some red light activity and there are some retired expats that live there, but as far as hooking up with girls for free don’t expect it.

You can also try out Puerto Galera which has some great diving and a pretty nice ‘White Beach.’ It has long been a sexpat destination, but we aren’t going to mention the Sabang nightlife here.

Any Other Philippines Beaches To Meet Girls?

The only other reasonable option would probably be Bohol which is a 2 hour ride from Cebu City on the fast ferry. Once again this isn’t a great Philippines beach for girls, sex, or nightlife, but it has a bit of both. Like always you will really be relying on who else happens to be visiting when you are here.

As you can see finding the right combination of nightlife and beaches is pretty hard. For that reason many guys will try to meet sexy Filipina girls on dating sites to bring with them to the beach.

That way they can go to one of the best beaches like Palawan or Boracay and not have to worry about finding any girls while they are there.

‘Wanna come to Palawan with me?’ is a pretty strong move to ask Filipina girls on the dating sites and there aren’t to many that will pass on that opportunity. These girls most likely can’t afford all of the travel and hotel costs on their own, but if you are paying those for them they will be glad to go.

That is why many on the popular Philippines Nightlife message boards will give the advice of head to Cebu or Manila first and meet a girl online. Hang out with her for a few nights in town and if you are compatible with her then bring her along.

Filipinas are really easy to get along with and if you are offering such a great trip to her she will go out of her way to try and make you happy. If a Filipina agrees to share a hotel room with you then sex is all but guaranteed.

The best dating site to meet a Filipina girl online would be PinaLove. There will be thousands that would jump at the chance to head to the beach with you.

Just be a kind gentleman anytime you are outside of the bedroom so she doesn’t feel like a slut and she will make you happy when the time comes. Hopefully you enjoy your beaches with sexy girls in the Philippines for hook ups in the nightlife.

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