I’m very pleased with the overall course!

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I’m very pleased with the overall course!

I just graduated from Purdue University and I’m trying to get my feet under me as a financial analyst for a couple years before sliding over into a boutique PE firm.

My friend has a similar program through “breaking into wallstreet,” but I chose the Premium Package because WSP brand carries more weight with PE firms.

I spent two years as an associate in the real estate IBD at Goldman Sachs, and I’m now looking at more generalist PE shops. As such, I wanted a refresher on LBO models and valuation for other types of companies.

I got hired as a FT IB analyst after completing my BSc and with no previous financial experience

The WSP package had everything I wanted – LBO, transaction comps, three-statement modeling. While $499 isn’t cheap, I thought it seemed worth it compared to some real estate courses I have seen that run around $800 without the same amount of information. It has really boosted my confidence!

I found this course to be very useful, and I would certainly sign up for any more advanced fixed income courses you might offer!

I just switched back to capital markets after spending few years in corporate finance and wanted to refresh my fixed income knowledge

I bought this course to gain a better understanding of Excel’s capabilities before I go into grad school/full-time employment. The course gave me a full immersion into Excel for 39 dollars! It was pretty high value, and it has given me more confidence in interviews.

I enrolled in Crash Course in Bonds is to help with the fixed income section of the CFA Level III exam.

This Bonds course has a good mixture of briefings/theory along with hands-on calcs/Excel. The pace is good and the materials and Excel models are really good payday loans WV… I see myself signing up for the Premium Package once I get past the CFA Level III.

(I also attended a Wall Street Prep seminar about 5 years ago in NYC – it was Oil and Gas modeling. I enjoyed the hands on course and I still have the materials!)

I bought the Premium Package to compliment my expertise as an excel consultant for Thomson Reuters – specifically for the purposes of building custom excel solutions.

Your material is well put together and digestible. I really like the 5-15 minute videos – they are long enough to cover advanced modeling concepts but short enough to let me focus on other tasks throughout my work day.

I was trying to enter into IB with no previous financial modeling education and I wanted to learn how to actually build a financial model of an OG company. Other IB professionals in my local CFA society took this course as well, so I signed up.

The course is excellent. Wall Street Prep showed me how a model is actually built in Excel while the CFA was a good theoretical complement to some of the accounting choices done in the model.

The books are elegantly presented and I will keep them at hand in my new job. This course + the CFA were an excellent combination which prepared me well for interviews!

I’m currently an analyst with one year of experience, transitioning jobs in a new city. I bought the Premium Package to hone and refresh my knowledge of the fundamentals of financial modeling to assist me in my interview process as well as future job performance.

I’m very pleased with the amount of detail and practical examples covered in the course. I can more confidently explain in simple terms both the key drivers and takeaways from financial models. I also have become somewhat a subject matter expert among my peers ??

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