At the 2nd Award Challenge, Natalie emerged successful more than Jaclyn

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At the 2nd Award Challenge, Natalie emerged successful more than Jaclyn

She exiled Alec and picked Jaclyn and you may Jon to join the lady towards the reward. But not, Natalie chosen the young couple as the she planned to after that create him or her unsuspecting out of good blindside. Natalie up coming chose to enact the girl revenge for the Jon. Natalie informed Baylor out-of the woman plan and you will shared with her not to tell the lady mother on Jon’s blindside. Even if she was uncomfortable regarding making this lady mommy call at the brand new black, Baylor are ready to vote aside Jon. Yet not, Jon won individual defense mechanisms. Jon wished to separated the latest choose between Alec and you may Keith, for the latter getting banged aside. But not, Natalie made a decision to vote up against Alec, just telling Baylor out of this lady motives. Alec are chosen in a beneficial cuatro-step 3 choose.

Jaclyn, Jon, and you will Missy had been baffled just like the Alec try eliminated as opposed to Keith. If it try found that Natalie voted facing Alec more Keith, she played it well as the a mistake. Baylor try laughing when Jon are eating upwards Natalie’s lay. From the Award Problem, Natalie try teamed that have Baylor and you can Jaclyn nonetheless they forgotten. Natalie is actually the one who are delivered to Exile Isle. Towards the Exile Island, Natalie shown into simple fact that it was the longest she went in place of Nadiya. On Immune system Problem, Natalie obtained private disease fighting capability more than Jon. Natalie wished to perform a torn choose between Jaclyn and you will Jon if the second utilized his Hidden Immunity Idol. Natalie asked Baylor to get the lady mommy to type Jaclyn’s label off. Whether or not Missy got the woman bookings, she performed choose against Jaclyn in addition to vote was a 2-2-dos vote. If it was time and energy to revote, Jon are voted aside.

Shortly after Tribal Council, an angry Jaclyn come to scream in the Natalie on her behalf betrayal. Natalie is happy on Jaclyn’s outburst because it would discourage some one from coping with her. In the event Natalie had an accept Missy and you may Baylor and also make they with the avoid along with her, she was not against so it is towards finals that have Jaclyn and Keith. Keith won another Award Difficulties, that was for a bonus from the finally 5 Immunity Challenge. Afterwards, said virtue aided Keith earn immune protection system. At Tribal Council, Natalie, trying to add to her restart, made a decision to explore the lady Invisible Disease fighting capability Idol for the Jaclyn and you can blindside Baylor.

Even with Natalie getting rid of the woman de-, Missy was not frustrated having Natalie while the she didn’t have to choose aside Baylor. The ladies upcoming agreed one to Keith must be the you to pulled aside second. On Final Disease fighting capability Problem, it absolutely was to start with between Keith and Natalie. However, Jaclyn set new puzzle first, hence allowed the lady in order to profit latest immune protection system more than Natalie. Natalie try concerned about Jaclyn and you can Missy turning on her. Yet not, the ladies voted away Keith on Tribal Council.

Winners in the Combat

At the Latest Tribal Council, Natalie’s opening statement was that she is worthy given that she found the brand new criteria out-of outwit, outplay, and survive way more as compared to most other ladies who she was beside with, and you can elaborated on each that. Natalie concluded the girl report by stating that she thought that the latest brilliant circulate having Missy and Jaclyn must have become voting the lady aside history Tribal Council over Keith. Jeremy recommended to possess Natalie, advising the new jury that they have zero options but to honor this lady when he felt the woman getting a knowledgeable pro. When the vote showed up, Natalie are stated the sole Survivor more than Jaclyn and you may Missy into the a great 5-2-1 choose.


  • Natalie thought moving to Sri Lanka to open up a good CrossFit using the lady payouts.
  • Natalie, along with eight most other previous castaways, competed toward a good Survivor edition of the Pricing is Correct primetime special you to transmitted into . Natalie along with her companion, John, did not allow on phase.

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