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Dan Nokes is the sequential guru of the Southern Maryland DIY Revolution! When not wandering the uncharted wilderness of Lusby, MD in a supernaturally induced blood fever, he is the head of a little one man band called 21st Century Sandshark Studios. This bastion of indie comic goodness has to date put out a 67 page graphic novel (The Reptile and Mister Amazing 2002) a 12 issue maxi series (The Paranormals 2003-2008) a three issue western (The Pistoleers 2008-2010) and is currently working on the second and final volume of his dystopian classic (Adam and Eve: Bizarre Love Triangle in the Zombie Apocalypse 2011-2012) He is also working on illustration duties for Nick Davis' upcoming children's book (Unconditional: A Teddy Bear's Tale 2011). His future projects include his forray into webcomics with his Sci-fi comedy (Impossible Space Tales from The Last Pitt Stop) and a return to Super Hero Lore (The Reptile and Mister Amazing: The Return of Kat Carson)!

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Day 30: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: Doctor Millennium

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in conjunction with



DAY 30


Character Biography: The man known as Doctor Millennium’s origins are shrouded in mystery.  He has been to and lived in the future, but at the same time can recall being amongst the Neanderthal man some 60,000 years ago.  What we do know is that he is long lived, having being documented throughout human history reaching from The Egyptian Old Kingdom to Han era China, to The Italian Renaissance.

What we do know is that from roughly to the end of the 17th Century, Doctor Millennium has  been the head of a cabal of illuminatiesque shadow men known as The Paradise Society.  Its end is to bring about the political and social upheaval that will bring about a one world order under their control.  In the beginning things were much more subtle which ranged from the benign, such as funding scientific invention, to more hostile such as backing and instigating revolution and war.

But over time the good Doctor saw these methods as TOO SLOW.  So by the end of World War II and the introduction of the Atomic Bomb, Doctor Millenium started using advanced scientific super weapons, and infiltrating various public and private venues in order to bring about the end of civilization in a grand cataclysm, and then restructure and rebuild the Earth into his own utopian mold.

He has come quite close on several occasions, but was thwarted in the past by the ocean faring adventurer and scientist known as Manta Ray Barstow, and his team of fellow companions.  But these setbacks have only strengthened the Doctor’s resolve to bring his one world vision to bloody light!


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21st Century Sandshark Studios in conjunction with THE 30 CHARACTERS IN 30 DAYS presents The Penultimate chapter in the 2012 challenge from DAN NOKES Day 29 EL HOMBRE ADVENTURA The man known to many as one of the most celebrated members of the Barstow Oceanographic Marine Expedition and world renowned luchador began his career not long after his birth in 1923. He was even at this point a third generation Lucha, his father and grandfather both fighting in regional circuits and in less “reputable” surroundings. He was born as Jose Rodriquez, and though was being groomed to be the next El Hombre Adventura from his father, the young Jose also had a great aptitude for mechanics and engineering, as well as a facination for the newly born science of avionics. When World War II broke out and Mexico declared war on Germany Jose joined the Mexican Army and was immediately sent to the Escuadrón 201 fighter squadron where he was eventually stationed in the South Pacific. It was here that he met and befriended one Raymond “Manta Ray” Barstow and together the two had a series of adventures against the Japanese and Axis forces. When the war was over, Jose returned to Mexico and eventually assumed the role of the third EL HOMBRE ADVENTURA. He won many championships and was undefeated for 10 straight years. But eventually the life of a luchador did not satisfy Jose, and it was roughly at this time he was paid a visit from his old friend Manta Ray. Ray asked him to join his newly formed Barstow Oceangraphic and Marine Expedition as a Pilot and Mechanic aboard The May Wind. ADVENTURA agreed and assumed the rolls of pilot, mechanic, and often fellow explorer and brother in arms in the sometimes unexpected occurrence where Manta Ray and his brave crew come across more than fish, sharks and other life in the sea.

DAY 28: 21st Century Sandshark Studios presents…”MANTA” RAY

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DAY 28






Character Biography: Raymond “Manta Ray” Barstow was born in the sleepy fishing town of Belfast, Maine in 1920.  His father was a fishing boat Captain and former decorated navy Chief Petty Officer in the Spanish/American War and World War I.  His mother was oceanographer and marine biologist.   From the time he could walk both parents instilled a sense of love and wonder for the sea.  Ray was both an exceptional student and athlete, having won the state diving and track and field varsity championships in 1937.  Ray won an athletic scholarship to the University of Maine in 1938.  Ray was in his junior year studying to earn a double major in oceanography and marine biology when World War II broke out.

Ray immediately volunteered for the US Navy and through a letter of recommendation from the state governor and local representative, was able to attain a special exemption for the four year degree requirement to enter officer candidate school after basic.  Following graduation Ray became one of the first students of the newly formed Amphibious Scout and Raider School (A precept to The Navy SEALS) in 1942.

Barstow was a Lieutenant in 1943 when he was given his first post on the now fabled Special Service #1, where he was given a first class field education in map making, wilderness survival, jungle warfare, and small craft operation, having seen some of the most pivotal and bloody battles of the Pacific Theatre.

In 1945 Barstow led one of the advanced companies of about 300 men into the Battle of Okinawa.  His expert planning and organization gave his company one of the highest kill ratios and lowest fatality rates of the battle.  For which he was promoted to a full Commander and awarded a Silver Star.

After the war, Barstow returned home and earned a PHD from the University of Maine in 1949.  Over the next 10 years, Barstow became one of the most high profile Marine Biologists, Oceanographer, explorer, and adventurers.  Much of his expeditions have landed him in conflicts with hostile natural and often un-natural adversaries!  His military skill, talents, strength, cunning, and resourcefulness  has landed him as a media celebrity of sorts, that have won him high profile grants and even television and news coverage for his various expeditions.



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Character Biography:  On the far off planet of Jorhol lies a race known as  Frahl Hadeid.  In their language meaning, people of the land.  They were a simple people whose biological makeup was made of living organic metal.  They took their sustenance from minerals found in the earth, and thus built a sort of mining based society.  Their technology and society were on the verge of being space faring when they were invaded by mankind, approximately 1 million years in the future.  These descendants of Earth nearly exterminated the Frahl Hadeid or as they labled them The Frahl Wraiths.  The few survivors retreated underground and did their best to survive.  But even under the surface they were still being persued by the human invaders.  So the Frahl went deep into the planet and hibernated for almost 2 million years.

A major tectonic shift occurred 10,000 years from present date and awoke the Frahl.  They ventured to the surface to find that mankind had taken over the planet, evolved and were unrecognizable from when they first invaded their world.  The Frahl began to rebuild their civilization for the one intent purpose of retaking their homeworld from the invaders.  They became war like over the next 100 centuries, their hatred of the offshoots of men increasing to fanatic proportions, until finally they rose up to the surface world in a wave of blood and iron.  They first took the city state of Kortha in the Nation of Norlympia.  They were led by the war council leader Saldaheem.

Saldaheem is ruthless, cunning and efficient, the perfect military commander in every way.  He sees the SOFT FLESH, as his kind has named the organics as a lesser race that infected his world like a plague.  That it is his solemn mission to wipe them out and return his world to its rightful superior owners.  He will not stop until this goal is achieved.


DAY 26: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents- THE NEXT KIND’S JARDEEN

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On the distant world of Jorol seven offshoots of mankind.  Three million years later, we account the future we account the tales of THE NEXT KIND.

In the Jungles and grassland plains of  the central continent lies the Grand Chiefdom of Jumbai: A warrior society that have centered their civilization along an honor code and religious devotion centered around the hunt.  One of its most decorated hunters is the warrior maiden, Jardeen.  By the time she was  10 she had already brought down a Bramabeast single handedly.  When she had reached the age of majority she was made the youngest head of the Monga or honor pride.

Then the Frahl Wraiths returned, and all changed in their wake…

First the Frahl Wraiths laid waste to much of the nearby land of Korath.  Those who were not killed were taken as slaves.  One who did manage to escape, was fame noble and general Doule.  Jardeen had known Doule as a child when his family spent some time on a diplomatic envoy in her land.  Doule had once saved her life, and as such Jardeen owed him an honor debt.  Doule collected that debt, and as such Jardeen reluctantly joined his ranks, and swayed the Jumbai to pledge alliance and aid to the cause of turning back the Frahl Wraiths.

Jardeen is an expert warrior, hand to hand expert, and master hunter.  Her claws are as strong as steel, and she has super human strength and dexterity.  Which has come in to be invaluable in Doule’s quest to liberate Jorol from the Frahl Wraith threat…

DAY 25: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: THE NEXT KIND’S HAHLKRUL

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On the distant world of Jorol, 3 million years have passed since our time.  The descendants of mankind have spread out amongst the universe.  Seven offshoots of humanity have colonized and built civilizations on this planet.  One of these cultures is that of the Sparron, a group of post humans that have evolved bird like traits that have allowed them to be able to fly, and reproduce from egglaying.  Out of the seven nations the Triumvirate of Sparron is most opened to trade and opened relations with its neighbors.  They are regarded as not only the great merchant state, but also that of transportation and logistics. They are usually brought in as well as 3rd party negotiators in disputes between the other nation states of Jorol.  This has led them to adopt a stance of neutrality throughout the centuries.

One of these negotiators is Tricouncilate Hahlkel, who spent many years as ambassador before being elected to the Triumvirate.  His daughter Hahlkrul had assumed his position as Ambassador to Norlympia.  It was her who aided Doule out of Kortha and lent her advise and aid to rally the seven nations together take on the threat of the Dahl Wraithes.  Although she is often used in an advisory and diplomatic capacity, she is also a formidable warrior in her own right.

Day 24: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: THE NEXT KIND’S BYFRAZ

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On the far off world of Jorol, 3 million years from now, the descendants of humanity have settled this among thousands of  planets.  Seven offshoots of humanity have divided this land amongst themselves.  Civilizations have risen and fallen.  Wars have begun and concluded.  Jorol currently is in a state of an uneasy peace.

That peace was broken by the return of Jorol’s indigenous species: The Frahl Wraiths, who were forced underground millennia ago and were thought extinct. This was not so as their reemergence was hailed with the decimation of Koroth and and several other city states in the lands of Norlympia.  Those who survived were either taken into slavery or forced to flee.  One of those exiles was a noble general by the name of Doule.

Doule was in search of allies from the seven nations to form a coalition against the Frahl Wraiths.  His travels at one point brought him to the arctic tundra of the Binans.  This race has evolved to where they operate in genetically identical pairs.  They are literally living computers that have developed cloning technologies, and have advanced telekenetic and telepathic skills.  The Binans, though comprised as two person units, operate, think, and have identity as one distinct person.  One of these pairs went by the name of Byfraz.

They were  simple scholars and anthropologist, but had extensive knowledge of antiquity and tales and information on the Frahl Wraithes.  The Binans are semi-pacifists, but agreed to lend the services of Byfraz to the cause, for which they have proven invaluable.

Day 23: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: THE NEXT KIND’S GELDORN

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Day 23: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: A 30 Character in 30 Day Challenge

Dan Nokes gives you


On a world thousands of lightyears from ours and 3 million years from our time , lies the 7 great nations of the world of Jorol. These 7 civilizations are all evolutionary offshoots of mankind, who have settled the far reaches of this planet and have evolved into separate species from one another.  These nations forced the native peoples of this world: The Frahl Wraiths into the under realms of this planet, and were by the start of their common era to be extinct.

This was not to be so however, as the Frahl Wraith’s returned to reclaim their homeworld.  They began with the Confederate City States of Norlympia: A near human like race, that had several of those city states laid waste, and many survivors taken into slavery.  One of those who managed to escape was a Korthan general noble by the name of Doule.  Doule scoured the seven great nations to find those who would join his quest to turn back the Frahl Wraith threat before they engulfed all of Jorol.

One of those nations was the 2nd Republic of Harlth, occupied by creatures made of living rock known as the Harlthans.  One of their best known citizens was their senior statesman, former Grand Warsmith, and philosopher emeritus known as Geldorn.  Geldorn was best known for his various written works, and was the most celebrated thinker of his age.  But time had made him a subject of redicule to his people, who saw him as antiquated, and out of touch.

When Doule made his way to Harth, the council of 9 heard his pleas, but needed a gesture, that would prove aid would be warranted.  Geldorn no longer sat on the council, but openly scolded their lack or foresight and commitment.  He pledged his aid to Doule, and joined his ranks.  Geldorn though of a more advanced age has proven useful for his still formidable strength, endurance, and military prowess.  Doule was an admirer of Geldorn’s and relies on him heavily for his sage advice and battle prowess!

Day 22: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: ZHEL OF THE NEXT KIND

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On the distant world of Jorol, 3 million years into our own future lies THE NEXT KIND: 7 descendant races of humanity, who have evolved to their climates and environments, manifesting incredible new powers, abilities and challenges.  The world of Jorol though, was not uninhabited when humanity’s children first reached this world.  The Next Kind’s forefathers called them The Frahl Wraiths: Beings made of living metal, who were forced bellow the surface by the first settlers of Jorol.  2 million years later the Jorol returned to the surface for what they believed was rightfully theirs.  They struck first in the Nation State of Norlympia, decimating the city of Kortha.  One of the few surviors to escape was a nobleman military commander by the name Doule.

Doule began scouring the globe for allies to aid him in the common threat of The Frahl Wraithes.  This eventually brought him to the Western Fire mountains of Piras Terran.  This land was occupied by a nation state known as the Ferras: A matriarchal society of pyrokenetics  where women occupy most of the warrior, political, and social positions of high importance.  Their queen, Mahlbeth III was at first apprehensive about lending any aid.  She was then swayed by her youngest sister, Zhel, to allow her to be a military attache to Doule, for the purpose of gathering information about the Frahl Wraithes and the danger they present to the Great Western Empire of the Ferras.

At first Zhel was adversarial to Doule’s command and authority.  But over time, both proved eachother’s worth.  Doule eventually rose to be Doule’s most trusted advisor and second in command as they fight together to turn back the Frahl Wraithe Threat.

Day 21: 21st Century Studios Presents- The Next Kind’s ORGIX

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21st Century Sandshark Studios

in conjunction with

30 Characters in 30 Days


A Dan Nokes Happening

Day 21

The Next Kind’s


Character Biography:

The Planet Jorol, 3 million years from now.  Humankind has evolved and spread all over the known Universe, taking new and almost unrecognizable forms in the process.  On Jorol, 7 offshoots of mankind have risen to form their own civilizations and cultures.  One of those is the amphibious beings known as The Picaris.  They live along the southern swamp coasts of Nelocianis, and have a society based along hunting and ocean harvesting.  Their technology matches that of any of their neighbors.  The Picaris are asexual, and reproduce once every 7 years.  Picaris have a rigid caste system based upon birth.  Any hope of a Picaris making their way to anything other than what they or their ancestors was born into was thought of as impossible by their cultural standards.

It was into this world was born one Orgix.  Orgix was from the agrarian class.  His lineage was that of simple farmers, and could only hope for a life as such.  Yet Orgix dreamed of being an explorer, and adventurer.  Orgix would get his chance however when through cercumstance brought Prince Doule from the Northern land dwelling kingdom of Kortha.  Doule brought word of the invasion by the beings made of living metal known as the Frahl Wraiths, their utter devistation of Kortha and other lands along the planet.  This did not move the Picaris however, as they had had little diplomatic contact with the other six nations of Jorol in decades.  Orgix had been the first Picaris that Doule encountered, he brought Doule before the council and had heard his words.  They moved him and he offered himself up for service as Doule’s attempt to do battle with the Frahl Wraiths.  Doule at first seemed aprehensive about having a simple farmer in his ranks, but saw the eagerness and bravery in Orgix’s heart, and took it upon himself to train Orgix as a soldier and warrior.  The two became close friends and traveled the rest of Jorol to gather the peoples of this world in mutual defense.

To Be Continued….

Day 20: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: DOULE

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CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY: 3 million years in the future the human race has expanded into the far reaches of Universe.  Much of these civilizations of yet to come, are unaware of their earthly origins.  Many of these civilizations are made up of the descendants of mankind could hardly be recognizable from us today. One of the worlds our descendents will colonize is millions of light years away and known to its inhabitants as Jorol.  It was colonized 2 million years ago by several parties.  These groups eventually grew into seven distinct offshoots of the human race, having adapted to their particular climates and habitats.

One of these offshoots are called The Norlympians.  They resemble us physically for the most part.  Their culture is that collection of city states that bands together for economic and defensive purposes.  One of the most powerful of these city states is that of Kortha, a people who pride themselves on its cosmopolitan, city and market driven society.  Its military, economy, and, and society were the envy of its neighbors.  Its leader was chosen from the patrician classes and is known as the First Prime.  The  current First Prime at the beginning of our tale was Martelle of the House of Valden.  His son was a up and coming Military Commander by the name of Doule.  Doule was a brilliant warrior, soldier, statesman, and tactician.  He was also smug and arrogant sort that bought into the propaganda of Kortha supremacy in the grand scheme of things.

This world view was shattered when a long thought lost race that once occupied the surface world of Jorol, before being driven underground.  It took them eons to rebuild, but finally they found the resource and opportunity to re-take their homeworld.  These organic metal beings are known as the Frahl Wraiths.  They rose to the surface one evening, without warning, and with their terrible arsenal and military might, laid waste to Kortha in one evening, slaughtering over 80% of the population, and taking those few that did not escape into slavery.  Doule managed to escape, but not without witnessing the deaths of his men, his parents and the abduction of his younger sister, Clarene. Doule, managed to make it to his Grandfather’s villa, 20 miles north.  There he recovers and begins his quest to free his people from captivity, turn back the Frahl Wraiths, and return peace and security to the seven nations of Jorol.  To do this though, he will need to enlist the aid of the rulers of those nations.  A task not so simple, when one considers Norlympia has had strained relations with these nations for centuries…


Day 19: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: THE LIBERATOR III

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In the opening of the 27th Century, Earth has cut itself off from its colonies centuries earlier.  Those colonies eventually became a confederated united that allied itself with other alien worlds, to form The United Interstellar Conference or UIC.  The UIC has maintained peace, commerce, and interplanet diplomacy for over 3 Centuries.  But recently actions and conflict with The Thrallian Empire have threatened to shatter that peace.  For about a decade and a half,  a cold war has existed following a five year war between the UIC and the Thrall.  This all changed following a series of attacks by Thrallian forces led by General Kraul on UIC outposts led to an escalation of hostilities again.  One of these outposts was headed by first time Commander Lawrence DelRey, who is also a descendant of two former costumed adventurers known as THE LIBERATOR.  DelRey had his ancestor’s shield and fragments of one of his old costumes in tow.  DelRey was only on his first day on the job, when the station was attacked by Kraul.  All but DelRey and former war hero Symane Braxis were killed in the firefight.  The two escaped and eventually, through a series of events formed a team of costumed adventurers known as THE GOLUNDAN CORP.  DelRey took on the mantle of his ancestors as the third Liberator and became the group’s leader.

DelRey has no special powers but is armed with the previous Liberator’s shield, which is impervious to most known forms of attack.  His suit is made from a high impact synthetic which protects him even further.  He is also armed with other forms of gadgetry and equipment which allow him to be an effective fighter and commander in his and Golundan Corp’s battle against the peace and security of The UIC.



DAY 18: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents- TITANIUM BLONDE

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CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY: Yvette Clare was born just outside of Paris, France in 1938.  She spent her early years in occupied France being raised by her grandmother.  Her parents were Resistance members who were both killed in 1944.  Yvette  had a passion for acting and by the age of 16 was cast in her first film.  By 1960 she was a rising actress and French cultural item in the cinematic scene, when her life detoured forever.  She was one night, abducted, and had her DNA altered along with 4 other individuals and returned to our world.  When she awoke the next day, she only had fractal dreamlike memories of the previous night’s events.  She treated them as such and went to a location shoot that afternoon.  While there she manifested her powers for the first time.  She found that she had the ability to turn herself into living metal.  She also found a strange psychic draw to the four other abductees.

Through a series of events she found the other members and co-founded a super hero group called THE PHANTOM FIVE.  For the next decade and a half she along with her teammates became some of the most beloved and regarded costumed adventurers of the era.

That all came to an end however, with the 1975 incident where Ghor The Ahnilalator invaded our world with a large standing army.  He was defeated by Earth’s heroes, villains, metas, and standing armies.  But at a high cost, with thousands of military, civilian, and meta deaths, including all but one of The Phantom Five.  Titanium Blonde was buried in France at   Père Lachaise Cemetery.



DAY 17: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents-THE SHADOW MINISTER

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DAY 17:


Character Biography:  The Shadow Minister is cloaked in mystery as the foremost criminal overlord of the United Stellar Conference.  Reports of his origins range greatly.  Some say that he was of lowly birth who was a mere petty tech and cyber criminal who slowly made his way up the ranks.  Others tell of disenfranchised aristocrat who formed his own syndicate after being exiled by a hostile rival family.  Some others say that he is some sort of freak cyberspace program that gained sentience and invaded our world.  In any case the Shadow Minister is the head of the most powerful organized crime front known as THE BLACK DIAMOND.  Members of his organization are branded with a chip, that allows him to monitor any and all of his underlings from any point in known UIC space.  If someone crosses him, he simply can eliminate them from light years away.  As a matter of fact its this and other high tech uses that has allowed him to never be caught by the authorities.  He has never needed a central base of operations.  His brain has been highly augmented along with his body with massive amounts of cybernetic and computer implants, that allowed him to operate from any location.  He is cold, ruthless, and devoid of any sympathy or compassion.  This has enabled his to eliminate his competition and raise an element of fear among his enemies and competitors, and raise him to be the most well known crime lord of the early 26th Century.  Recently though, a rebirth of costumed heroes and adventurers have started to put a dent on his reputation, specifically the group known as Golundan Corp and especially The Juryman have stood in his path in many instances.  But this has only strengthened his resolve to maintain his iron grip on his Black Diamond Empire!





Day 16: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: Professor Paradox

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CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY:  Little is known about the being known as Professor Paradox.  What we do know is that he a creature that although looks and may have even at one point, had been human.  He now is a creature of almost god like stature.  His purpose in existence is to travel through space and time and cause events that result in paradoxes, and unstable temporal tangent and pocket universes.  These events will gradually become unstable and self annihilate.  The result is a huge amount of entropy energies that Paradox feeds off of.  This energy gives him a wide range of powers including, time and space travel and manipulation, energy manipulation, super strength and regeneration abilities.

Paradox became known to our world roughly in the early 1950’s, when he came in contact and conflict with the costumed adventurer group known as The Alliance.  He met up again with them and other super beings from the 1950’s through the mid-1970’s.  After the Ghor Event of 1975 Paradox disappeared from official record until a few years ago, when he began to resurface in London, New York, and DC.  His activities have been muted and somewhat under the radar, but rest assured will become known in the fullness of time…

DAY 15: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents NIL

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21st Century Sandshark Studios
in conjunction with
A Dan Nokes Happening
DAY 15
Character Biography-Little is known about the being known simply as Nil. He is ruler, master, and to most of the inhabitants of the Shadow Realm, its god! The Shadow Realm is a dimension somewhat paralell, but different in nature from ours. In some ways it is best described as a hell based in darkness. It can be accessed by the shadows cast by everyday objects, but only a few gifted, some say cursed individuals can access this dimension. Its ruler is a cold, cruel, and sadistic, creature known as Nil. Nil only became known to this world recently through the actions of the US based super hero team known as THE DIVISION, and more specifically, through its shadow power based member known as The Shadeling. Nil has been a foe of The Division and many other of the adventurers of the 1960’s and 70’s. After the battle against Ghor in 1975, spottings of Nil have been almost non-existant. But whispers of him attempting to invade and conquer our realm have begun to cerculate. For now they are just whispers. But whispers and shadows are how Nil has always begun…

DAY 14: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents-FLINTLOCK

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CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY: Jared “Flint” Locke was born in Wheeling, West Virginia in October of 1921.  His family were poor coal miners and had to survive off the land and other “less reputable” means of making due such as bootlegging.  Jared learned how to use a gun from the time he could walk, and by the age of 6 he was a crack shot with a rifle and handgun.  When World War II broke out, Jared and his brother Carl enlisted in the Marines.  Both brothers proved themselves in battle, Jared himself earning the rank of Gunnery Sergeant in the Pacific in less than 4 years and Master Gunnery Sergeant by the time he retired from the Marines in 1954.  Carl used his GI Bill to get a business degree from the University of West Virginia, while Jared enlisted in the FBI, where he became a sharpshooting instructor at the academy.  In 1960 he was abducted along with 4 others from across the globe by an undisclosed alien race, and experimented upon.  When they were returned, their memory had been tampered with, to where all they could recall was from a fractal dream-like state.

Within 24 hours Jared began exhibiting the strange powers to manipulate his arms and hands into organic guns and hand cannons that shoot out living bullets that become active upon contact with air, and explode upon impact.  Jared also felt a psychic link that drew him to the other 4 abductees.  Through a series of adventures, the individuals found each other and formed a group a costumed adventurers known as THE PHANTOM FIVE.  Over the next decade and a half, the group became one of the foremost super hero teams along with The Alliance of Super Heroes, and The Division that brought the second era of the metas lasting from 1953 to the mid 70’s.  This era ended when a world conquering galactic despot known as Ghor the Annihilator, invaded Earth in 1975.  The combined heroes and villains of our world managed to turn him back, but at a huge price.  Many people and metas lost their lives in the battle, including all but one of the Phantom Five were killed.  Most bodies were recovered or accounted for.  Jared Locke’s was not among them….


Day 13: 21st Century Sandshark Studios presents: Plasmatastic

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21st Cetury Sandshark Studios Presents
In conjunction with THE 30 CHARACTER IN 30 DAY CHALLENGE
A Dan Nokes Happening…
Day 13
Character Biography-
Muriel Thompson was born in August of 1940 to Dennis and May Thompson in Menlowe Park, New Jersey. Both parents were commercial pilots, and both served in World War II in various capacities. Muriel was from an early age taught how to fly a plane and by the age of 16 had already aquired a pilot’s liscence.
She attempted to join the air force as a pilot but was quickly shot down by policy makers. She was then contacted by the Army who promised her a flight commission in return for participation in an experiment in an attempt to revive the Olympus Project to make super soldiers in the 1930’s and 40’s. She accepted and underwent the process after basic and officer’s training. She emerged a 2nd Leutenut and with the power to create and manipultate energy bolts. Codenamed PLASMATASTIC she joined several other test subjects to form the US Government controlled costumed adventurers known as THE DIVISION.
The group enjoyed a decade plus run in the 60’s and 70’s before being cut short during a battle against a space faring world conquerer named Ghor the Ahnililator. They managed to turn back his forces. But not before most of the group, along with Plasmatastic and many other heroes, villains, soldiers and civilians were killed in the asuing battle…

DAY 12: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents….THE JURYMAN 2502

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CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY: In the late 21st Century man began to reach out into deep space long term travel and colonization. Several in and extra solar system establishments sprung up including one funded by a joint American/Japanese/Saudi operation of the colony York Al Medinah Edo after the home cities of each corporate entity.  By the early 22nd Century the great powers of Earth had become embroiled in a Third World War.  The colonies realized that they wanted no part of what would be mutually assured destruction of the home-world   The 12 colonies seceded from Earth jurisdiction and formed a confederacy for mutual commerce and defense.  Over the next 400 years the colonies joined other worlds and non-human civilizations to form the entity known as The United Stellar Conference.

York Al Medinah Edo became major industrial hubworld and as such became prey to many of the problems a large urban center suffers.  Corruption, crime and social unrest became rampant.  From this world came a man by the name of Mohammed Alan Akita, who worked for a cybernetics firm known as TransCyber Interplanetary.  Mohammed was a brilliant cyber-neurologist, who was on the verge of developing a technique of downloading human consciousness itself. Unfortunately his research was cut short when he stumbled upon information of what his work was to be used for, and subsequently murdered in his lab, and made to look like an accident.  But before his death Mohammed was able to transfer his consciousness into inter-webscape.  Mohammed eventually found a way to in cyberspace to construct a robotic body for him to implant his consciousness.  Mohammed had a passion for the Heroic Age adventurers of the early 20th to mid 21st Centuries.  His favorite were two men of different era’s known as the Juryman.  Mohammed took on this identity to do battle with the corrupt and criminal elements of York Al Medinah Edo and beyond as the new Juryman!

DAY 11: 21st Century Sandshark Studios presents: SHADOW MAGE

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Character Biography-Gindrell Thorne is the 112th Necromancer, tracing her family back to the 6th Century BC.  Her family have been the keepers of The Thorne Grimmuar, a mystical encyclopedia of sorts.  As such she is considered one of the most powerful magic folk in the known universe.  She was born in 2572 to Marcale and Judial Thorne, was trained in the magical arts, before taking the mantle from her mother in 2597.  (Her parents are from Brelle IV and are New Reformed Pagans, in her religion the man takes the female name upon marriage.)  In 2602 she received a vision to meet up with a group of various persons to deal with the forces of Kraul on Golundan IV.  She defeated Kraul and eventually became a member of the pre-eminent costumed adventurers of the early 27th century known as THE GOLUNDAN CORP.

DAY 10: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents- THE MAKEBELIEVER

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Character Biography:  Little is known about the Make Believer.  He is an enigmatic member of the supernatural realm.  He is said to possess an enchanted book of the world’s tales that he collected over the course of millennia.  That he can bring the monsters, mages, creatures, and all manner of characters from within the book to do his bidding.  His motives though secretive, are usually for ill.  Some speculate that it is for control or power, others believe it is of some form of mischief.  In any case, most but the most powerful of the mystical community avoid him at all costs!


DAY 9: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: THE SHADELING

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Character Biography- Randall Kiplard was born in Leavenworth Kansas in February 1924.  His parents were simple farmers who survived the dustbowl and Great Depression.  Of their 6 children 2 died during the depression of dust lung.  Three more died in Europe or The Pacific in World War II.  By the time Randall returned from his tour of duty in the Atlantic Theatre, his parents were both ill from various ailments. By 1947 Randall had become the sole survivor of his family.  He was forced to sell most of his family farm, but kept the house and a small plot for himself.  Randall enrolled himself at college and got a job to help make ends meet, but in time he put himself through medical school and became a general practitioner.  For the next several years he became the town doctor, and had a prosperous practice.  Then in 1962 Randall was approached by the Army to be part of their experiment.  He was determined by undisclosed clandestine obtaining of DNA sample that he had the genetic markers to undergo a process that would attempt to re-create PROJECT OLYMPUS that gave the world Mister Amazing, Miracle, and Kat Carson a generation earlier.

Kiplard after some persuading agreed to submit himself along with several others of similar genetic marker, to the process.  The end result was a group of government controlled supers known as THE DIVISION.  The group was introduced to the public in 1963 and over the next dozen years were used to combat several US threats across the globe.  Kiplard was dubbed THE SHADELING due to his power to manipulate shadows into a semi-solid state and even use it as a form of teleportation.  However, his teammates and others noticed that Kiplard exhibited certain behavioral changes when exposed to prolonged exposure to THE SHADOW DIMENSION.

Things came to an end sadly to The Division in 1975, as they along with dozens of other heroes and villains came to fight a cosmic invader known as GHOR THE AHNILALATOR.  They were able to overcome him and his army.  But at a loss of over 20,000 civilians, 7000 Allied soldiers and most of the meta and super hero community.  All but two of the Division lost their lives.  Strangely though Kiplard’s body was never recovered.


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CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY-Jimmy Aioki was born in a Japanese internment camp in 1943.  His mother died in childbirth, and his father died in the pacific during the war.  Jimmy was raised with his grandparents in Southern California.  Jimmy excelled in school and graduated early from high school at the age of 16.  Jim then went on to cal tech where he was recruited by a military project there to try and re-create the Project Olympus project that created the super-heroes Miracle, Mister Amazing and Kat Carson.  Jimmy was contacted because he possessed the rare genetic sequence that scientists postulated was responsible for the Olympus formula taking effect on a life form.  Jimmy along with 5 other members were given what was actually an estimated approximation of The Olympus Formula.  This resulted in strange manifestation of latent powers in the participants.  Jimmy found that he could control and manipulate water and was code named Mister Tsunami by the army.

The group was introduced as THE DIVISION to the public in 1963 and were used in various military operations across the globe.

In 1975 the group was among other costumed adventurers that joined in the battle against the cosmic dictator known as GHOR THE AHNILALATOR.  They were successful in turning him back, but at the cost of the loss of lives among the heroes, a small town in Kansas, and more specifically all but one member of the Division, including Jimmy Aioki.

DAY 7-21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: MISS NOCTURNAL

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Maya Alvarez was born in Havana Cuba in September of 1940.  When she was four, her father was killed by the local organized crime ring for not paying his protection fee for his small business.  Her mother did her best to try and raise her, but at the age of 10 her mother died of breast cancer.  From the age of 10 on, Maya lived on the streets, fending for herself as a petty thief, and sometime street performer.  Over time she came to the notice of a group of revolutionaries, who slowly indoctrinated her into their group.  When the Cuban revolution broke out, Maya acted as a spy and saboteur.  When Castro came to power in 1959, Maya joined the Cuban Army and earned a commission.  In 1960 her life was changed forever when she, along with four others across the globe were abducted by a unknown alien entity, and had experiments performed upon her, before being returned along with the others.

At first, things seemed normal; all she could recall was in a fractal dream state.  But within 48 hours, she began to mutate, her skin turning purple, growing bat like wings, and developing a form of echolocation that could be used as a weapon like a sonic scream.  She also developed a strange connection to try and find the other abductees.  Through a set of unusual circumstances the group all met up and over time formed a team of costumed adventurers called THE PHANTOM FIVE.  Maya was dubbed Miss Nocturnal by the media.  At first she was considered a loose cannon due to her aversion to her western world team mates, and general temperament to her other members.  But over time she became a trusted and fiercely protective member of the group, going so far as to develop a strange romance with fellow team member Construct.

Then in 1975, the team joined other super heroes, villains, and world armies, to do battle with a space conqueror known as GHOR THE AHNILALATOR.  Ghor was defeated but at a high price.  Many soldiers and supers were killed including Miss Nocturnal and all but one of The Phantom Five.



Day 6-21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: CONSTRUCT

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21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents:
The 30 Character in 30 day challenge:
Day 6
Hisao Hitoshi was born in June of 1940 in a small fishing village on the northern coast of Japan. Hisao at the age of 4 was diagnosed deaf, and as such became the subject of ridicule and spite among the children and some of the adults of his village. But his mother and father took great care to raise him with every bit of energy and love they could muster. When Hisao grew to adulthood he worked in the same cannery his parents both worked. Though seen by many as an imbecile he was well read and managed even to teach himself to read in four different languages, as well as study many subjects such as engineering and botany.
Be it as it may though things seemed like Hisao would lead an unfulfilled life as a low level worker, until an event in 1960 changed all that. He, along with four other people across the globe were abducted by an unknown alien entity, and were experimented on. When they were returned, all seemed normal, and but the exception of strange fractal dreams, the experience was mostly forgotten.
Not long after their return however. A strange mutation took place in all five abductees. Hisaro’s mutation consisted of him developing advanced powers of telekinesis and energy to matter construct. In short, Hisaro can communicate with his mind and build energy/matter constructs on an advanced level! He also found himself connected psychically with the other abductees. So much so, that events led them to find one another, and form a team of costumed, super powered adventurers known as THE PHANTOM FIVE. Hisaro took on the name CONSTRUCT and became a valuable member of the team through a series of adventures lasting over a decade and a half.
Things ended on a sad note however, as a world conquering space dictator known as GHOR THE AHNILALATOR, invaded Earth in 1975 with a large army in tow. He was turned back in the end, but not without brutal and deadly consequences. All but one, including Construct were killed in the battle to repel the invaders.

Day 5, 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: LIGHT FORCE

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Character Biography-William Gibson was born to Biochemical Engineer and GibTech founder and CEO Lawrence Gibson and his Wife and fellow Biologist Alysia.  When William was 4 he was diagnosed with some form of rare brain cancer.  The cancer was ruled inoperable by over a dozen top neurologists.  The Gibsons used all their resources to find a cure.  They succeeded with an experimental form of radiation and chemical treatment.  The cancer went into complete remission and things seemed fine for young Billy.  Then at the age of 12, his parents were murdered by a rival corrupt businessman by a man named Charles Barker. Barker managed to avoid prosecution with slick lawyers, and greasing palms. GibTech was handed over to a trust while Gibson immersed himself in his own world to avoid the grief of his parents demise.  Then at age 14, Gibson discovered he had the power to be a living breathing, self sustaining, electrical battery.  He found a way he could get justice for his parent’s murder.  Gibson dedicated his life to both bringing his parents company back to prominence while also using those recourses to fund his battle against Barker’s criminal empire as Light Force.  He built a suit that would focus and harness his electrical abilities, which he can use in conjunction with the suit for various tasks, such as force fields, electrical bolts, and power blasts.

Recently Gibson has been spotted and funding the activities of the Washington DC based costumed adventurers known as ORION PACT, alongside other members such as Deathfactor and Lady Hades.

Day 4: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents-RAPUNZEL DARQUE

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Rapunzel Darque is an enigmatic figure in the world of the supernatural.  She is the owner/operator of an coffee bar/internet café in Georgetown in Washington DC.  The establishment known as THE AUTOMATIC DRIP caters to the mystic and preternatural community.  The door cannot be seen by non magic persons.  She is much more than a humble coffee girl as she possesses certain abilities of clairvoyance and other powers which she has been known to use in service of some of her more…affluent and Important patrons.


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Character Biography: Martin

Batiste,  the 14th Baron of Bonne

Terre was born in the French

Province Nord-Pas-de-Calais in July

of 1750.  He grew up in comfortable

surroundings and wanted for

nothing, yet even at an early age,

saw the inequities and injustice

surrounding him.  Martin as he

grew into adulthood became

engrossed in the Enlightenment.

He immersed himself in science,

engineering, politics, social

philosophy among other disciplines.

In 1768 his Father died under

mysterious circumstances, and an

altered (later learned falsified) will

that named his Uncle Rene as the

heir to his father’s lands and titles.

When Martin attempted to

challenge the ruling, his Uncle

concocted a scheme to frame Martin

for his Father’s murder.  Martin

went into exile in order to gather

strength to clear his name and

regain his title.

Over time Martin met men and

studied under men like Ben

Franklin, Voltaire, along with some

of the finest swordsmen, military

strategists, criminals, and whoever

could aid him with his main goal.

While in Prussia, Martin observed a

meteor land nearby.  He went to

explore the crash site to find the

meteor was not only still intact, but

was made of an unidentified metal

ore that he later dubbed

INVINCIUM.  Martin took the ore

and had it smelted and forged into a

shield in the shape of the Fleur-de-

lis.  He decided to take on the role

of a masked adventurer known as

THE LIBERATOR and used the

shield as his symbol.

Martin returned to France in 1773 to

find Bonne Terre was in a state of

ruin.  Batiste had become a cruel

tyrant who bled the countryside dry

for his own selfish gain.  Martin

began a 5 year campaign against his

Uncle, and eventually regained his

land and title, and in process

became a national legend and came

to the attention of King Louis XVI.

In 1777 he was summoned to Paris

where he was asked to go to

America to aid in revolutionary

cause.  He was requested by Ben

Franklin personally.  Martin landed

in Baltimore in January of 1778.  He

met up with George Washington

and a Spaniard adventurer known

as Phantasma.  Washington had the

two costumed crusaders gather a

band of fellow adventurers that

went on  a series of missions

varying from sabotage to guerilla

warfare.  Over time these super-

heroes did their part to help win

America its Independence, in the

process Martin gained the respect

and almost universal admiration by

both the common citizenry and its

top governmental and social


Jean returned to France in 1783.

He went into a semi-retirement at

that point, mostly a few adventures,

ruling Bonne Terre, and

philanthropic work.  He even

managed to find a wife and have two

children.  Then the French

Revolution struck and Martin’s life

was near ruined.  The republic

seized his lands and fortune,

imprisoned his family, as well as

tortured and imprisoned him.

Things looked bleak.  Even the

people of Bonne Terre turned on

him either out of fear of the

committee, or in some misplaced

sense of allegiance to the new

republic.  Things only became

worse as cholera took his wife and

daughter’s lives while imprisoned.

Martin languished in jail for over a

year until a series of impassioned

plea from over 2 dozen political

figures, including George

Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and

James and Dolly Madison, had

swayed the government to release

Martin and his surviving son

Michael on the provision that they

leave the country immediately.

Martin was given a stipend and a

government position by President

Washington.  Eventually Martin and

Michael relocated to New Orleans in

1804 after it became a possession of

the US.  Both spent the next decade

or so in a quiet manner.  Then in

1815, events led to the Battle of New

Orleans.  General Andrew Jackson

was in need of men of all quarters to

aid him in his effort to hold the city.

Jackson approached a then a 64

year old Martin to don the Liberator

garb one last time.  Martin

reluctantly agreed, and once again

aided United States in maintaining

its fragile newfound freedom.

In 1817 Martin returned to France

and Bonne Terre.  Louis XVIII

returned his title and properties to

him, and he spent his final days

trying to rebuild the humble land to

its former stature.  He died

peacefully in 1831.  A statue of him

in his Liberator costume was

erected 5 years later.  In 1916 his

great grandson Jean took on the

mantle and shield of the Liberator,

carrying on the legacy as he fought

in both World Wars.



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Character Background:  Rene DeBlanc was an oceanographer and marine biologist.  Born in Brittany in France, he had a lifelong passion for the sea and made it his career.  DeBlanc won a scholarship to University of Washington in the US.  DeBlanc earned a Doctorate in 1956 with a double major in Marine Biology and Oceanography and began a distinguished career in the field heading many scientific expeditions to remote parts of the globe.

It was on one of those expeditions that DeBlanc was abducted by some unknown alien species along with 4 other persons from across the planet.  All five members had their DNA tampered with and augmented before being returned to Earth.  All abductees were gone less than a night, were apparently unaltered, and aside of vague dream like, fractal memories, unaware of the abduction.

But within 24 hours of their return the five individuals began manifesting strange powers and mutations.  DeBlanc began transforming into a humanoid creature with characteristics similar to that of a narwhal.  His strength increased 20 fold, could take extended periods underwater without oxygen, and had a tough skin that could resist extreme heat and cold.  He also had a psychic connection to the other 4 members of the abduction party.

DeBlanc then sought out those other members and over the course of several months began to develop a bond with those persons.  So to the point that they formed a team of adventurers called THE PHANTOM FIVE.

The Phantom Five over the next decade and a half became one of the preminent super hero teams of the 1960’s and 70’s along with THE DIVISION and THE ALLIANCE.  Then on a fateful day in 1975 the heroes, villains and people of Earth came up against a world conquering tyrant known as GHOR THE AHNILILATOR.  The combined forces and metas of Earth managed to turn back Ghor and his forces, but at a terrible cost.  All the Phantom Five but Narwhal were killed in the battle.  Afterwards Rene withdrew from public life and returned to his scientific exploration.  He currently works for the National Institute of Marine Study in Paris.  He occasionally lends aid to other members of today’s super hero community in an advisory capacity.  But has not donned his old Phantom Five costume since…

Day 1: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents: THE FIRST AMONG KNAVES

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The First Among Knaves

Character Background:  Most of man’s legend, folklore and superstition can be traced back to a world that few in our plane of existence have ever seen.  Doorways, and portals have sporadically opened and allowed a precious few bards, adventurers and storytellers to pass through and glimpse at its gods, kings, and monsters.  This world is known as THE LOST LANDS.  The Lost Land consists of the Super Continent of Aal which is broken into six main lands.  One of these lands we have come to know as a place where a girl named Alice stepped into through a rabbit hole and had grand and strange adventures in.

The truth of this place is much more dark and sinister….

The Kingdom of Wunderland has been ruled for centuries by the House of Hearts.  Its current monarch is Jon the Third and his wife Rosalyn   But Jon is little more than a puppet head, and Rosalyn rules the kingdom with an oppressive Iron Fist.  While plague, famine and oppression of both human and non-human citizen’s runs rampant, the queen and a small inner circle live in the imperial palace in a state of opulence and unbridled debauchery.

Finally the cries of the people cannot be ignored.  From out of the Forgotten Woods, comes a man of mystery.  Those who fight alongside him call him Jim O’ The Wood…  He is known more commonly as THE FIRST AMONG KNAVES.  He fights for the disenfranchised, downtrodden, and impoverished masses of Wunderland.  He leads a small band of guerrilla fighters against the armies of The Queen of Hearts in a bloody revolution for the soul and future of the peoples of Wunderland!


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Hello one and all!  This is Dan Nokes of 21st Century Sandshark Studios fame and notoriety!  I was a participant in last year’s 30 CHARACTERS IN 30 DAYS CHALLENGE!  I am writing to inform my fans and fans of this endeavor, that I will once again, be stepping into the ring to belt out another 30 characters!  Here are a few choice pics from last years efforts for you guys to gander and get an idea at what I do and what I plan for this year!

For more info please feel free to visit my homepage at!