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age 26, female, in the largest state in the continental united states of america.

I am into a lot of things and I dislike a lot of other things. Ask me about things sometime.

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Day 7: The Queen

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Again, i will try to upload art at another time.

When she was crowned the Queen, she was young and lively. Though she married, she could not give birth. She was still upheld throughout the kingdom as the wonderful queen.
Her people loved her dearly.

Time passed and the King perished due to old age but the Queen continued to rule and her Kingdom remained happy.

Some whispered and wondered what would happen when the Queen perished.

The Queen grew old and still she reigned.
In time the Queen could no longer walk about her people as she once did.
The light grew dim in her eyes and her body withered.

Gradually the people saw less and less of their beloved Queen but still she reigned.
Orders came forth, words of wisdom and hope. Words of love for her subjects.

Decades later the people still live under their Queen who seems more legend now than reality. Still orders come forth. Words of wisdom and hope.

Words of love for her loyal and faithful subjects.

Day 6: Lighthouse

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to draw lately.
(No big loss)

I’ll try and input a drawing here later.


Lighthouse is the superhero name of a young man in his late teens. His real name is Jeffrey Weber and he was born with his ability.
Jeffrey can shine two bright lights at will from his eyes.
With effort, he can focus the light into thin pinpoints or flood an area with light.

Because of his birth, he was chosen at a young age to be trained to join a superhero league.

Jeffrey hasn’t seen his parents but for a few hours over several years. He misses them or what little he remembers – neither have any abilities and because of this, Jeffrey’s father suspects his wife of an affair and over the years has grown to hate her because of it.

Jeffrey tries his best to uphold the laws and ideals of the league he’s a part of.

Day 5: Olethea, a fish out of water

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

Real name: Olethea

Olethea comes from another world – an entirely aquatic planet. On her world she’s a famous and much-respected hero.
When her planet decided to send envoys to Earth in an effort of good faith and friendship, Olethea was one of the few selected.
However her good deeds hide a dark streak of anger and pride.

On Earth she discovers due to the fact that humans live on land, she is rendered near-useless to help when trouble arrives. Her powers are really only useful underwater.
She’s able to walk on land and breathe air but she’s slow above the water and tires easily with gravity constantly pushing her down.

The Earth heroes joke constantly and at times even make fun of her and Olethea’s pride is not used to taking such blows.

She’s got a mouth full of teeth that would make a shark think twice and she’s about ready to use them to show Earth heroes that her bite is worse than their barks.

Day 4: Kid Quick

| November 4, 2011 | 4 Comments

Or rather, I should say, ex-Kid Quick

In his glorious youth, Danny Doyle was known as KID QUICKSILVER or KidQuick for short.
Known for his lightning fast speed and equally fast healing and thinking abilities, KidQuick was the hero to beat.

And one day, someone finally did.
Though able to save several of his incapacitated friends, Danny was caught in a blast himself.
He survived but forever lost his sight.

Eventually his body healed but his eyes never did. His friends tried to help him as best they could but it seemed nothing could be done.
Even bionic eyes were attempted, but engineered eyes couldn’t match the speed of his body and would burn out in hours.

Time went on and crime didn’t stop just because KidQuick was forced to put on the breaks.
The other superheroes continued their work and eventually Danny faded in memory.

Except, of course, his own.

Now Danny is left to his own devices, still fast as ever, mind whirling in a storm of fury, hatred and depression at being abandoned by the people he saved.
And he aims to do something about it.

Day 3: Wandering Doll

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

I saw an RP based off of the Adventure Time universe, someone mentioned a doll kingdom and I thought of her.

She’s got no name that I can think of, tho its probably some over-used doll-name. Anne or Antonia, something she’s long forgotten.
She’s a wanderer though, which explains her raggedy condition.

Once she was brand new and beautiful with fine silk yarn hair and shiny blue button eyes. Her dress was a lovely gingham affair and she even wore delicate lace gloves and patent leather shoes.
But she discovered she had a passion for rough and tumble adventure, not doilies and tea time.
And so she left the doll kingdom in search of excitement.

She returns worn and faded. Her dress, lacy gloves and leather shoes long lost, now clothed in whatever material available, patched up and dirtied. Her once-beautiful silk hair is frayed and tangled, knotted and catches twigs and debris.
Once a finely embroidered mouth graced her face, now undone.
Her lovely blue button eyes gone, replaced with mismatched buttons.
Her leg sports an un-stitched wound, gushing cotton stuffing.

But she returns victorious.

Day 2: Jessamine

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Did you know Nov 2 is Dia de los Muertos?

Now you do.

Meet Jessamine.

She’s basically a “bonesona” from a webcomic called Helvetica (I suggest you check it out.)

Jessamine is a lovely young skeleton lady who died an early death (reasons as yet untold). In the world of Helvetica, the first word you say after death is your name.
Jessamine apparently smelled some Carolina Jessamine (a beautifully scented flowering ivy) when she awoke into death and noted it.

She enjoys spending her time crafting clothes for herself and prefers to hide her face (reasons untold).

Jessamine died in her early 20s, she’s shy and quiet . One could assume she died a lonely death.

Day 1: Ella Louise “Eli” Brandon

| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

curvy crimefighter

Real name: Ella Louise Brandon
Nickname: Eli
Superhero name: as yet undecided
Age: late teens/early twenties
Race: African-American

Student by day

Eli lost her single-mother at a young age when the woman was caught in a crossfire between a super-villain and a superhero.
Her mother died as a result of a poison gas attack and while the poison killed the woman, the later interaction between her mother and Eli lead to the girl getting a second-hand dose of the poison. It would lead to Eli’s superhuman powers of the ability to control plants, their movements and growth speeds.
After her mother died, Eli was raised by her then-alcoholic grandmother, who soon gave up the drink to be a better role model for her granddaughter.

Seeing the rampant crime around her constantly, Eli decided that because she had the ability she should do what she could to stop the violence.

Eli is relatively young and works alone, with no one to guide her. This leads to several rash and regrettable decisions in her adventures.
She refuses to give up though, trying to learn from each mistake.