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Thoth- APED

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” Since you won’t listen to reason, I’ll just go APE on you.” Thoth

Anubis- god of the dead

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Dark and Enigmatic like the afterlife itself, Anubis governs the realm of the underworld with an iron fist.

Depicted by Egyptian lore as a Jackal headed god -both man and beastlike, It can be assumed that many have confused the hounds of the netherworld for Anubis himself or perhaps it was the trickery of his illusions.  Whatever the reason, Anubis shrouds his true visage with mystery.

Like mist, or a fleeting dream, Anubis is almost an intangible presence. The only beings in which confide in this god, are the souls of the dead itself- the very beings he committed to watch over.

Anubis’ dark demeanor is only coupled along with his grim duties. Almost like a father, he shades the cold dead from the piercing rays of the accursed Sun from his realm, and fabricates a veil of reality so ecstatic that the dead forget all the miseries in their past lives.

A sole protector of the deceased, Anubis’ dark sanctuary gives solace to all that reside in his realm, and warning to all who would dare tread without permission.

Beings of the light, and emissaries of the high heavens avoid his domain like the plague, for no being would dare try the capricious temper of the god of the dead.


“Take my hand cold one, and I’ll escort you into the eternal lands, where you’ll come to no harm.”




Hounds of anubis

| November 20, 2012 | 2 Comments


Savage and feral, the hounds carry out brutal judgment loyally under the orders of Anubis himself.

Hunting in pairs, the hounds are intelligent hunters honed to fight with cruel efficiency-often complimenting each other in combat situations.

Be it escorting a lost spirit, tracking down a prey, or assassinating an enemy, the hounds see to it that their mission is completed.

Many a time, in doing their master’s bidding, they have also been mistaken for the lord Anubis himself.





Buck- the desert merchant

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A really quick sketch i did of my interpetation of Thoth. Maybe i’ll give the egyptian theme a rest for awhile. 🙂

^-update on 25thnov – NAHHHHH.


Known as the god of equilibrium, Thoth has always been renowned for his just and meticulous nature.

Believing in all that is good, Thoth knows that all things magnificent and beautiful can only exist  in this world with the balancing power of an antithesis- evil.

 Thoth has played a major hand in many parts of the war between good and evil, for his duty is to make sure neither side secures a decisive victory over the other until the end of days. (Wikipedia
” There is no true good or evil- even amongst gods or demons.” Thoth



Nefertem- full bloom

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Nefertem defends against all that would bring harm to his creation with great vigilance, and his ferocity comes from the thriving energies of life itself. Calm docile, and kind by nature , Nefertem is not to be trifled with when angered.

Embracing his inner ferocity, Nefertem can unveil the form which he dons for war- a majestic white lion. In this form, his powers bloom, infinite , and boundless-ready to reign his righteous fury on any that would dare defile what he loves.

Nefertem’s grace and power in battle is both admired and feared by gods and demons alike, for there is no other being that fights with the fiery passion he possesses.


“The full bloomed lotus represents the vast primal energies of life. It’s relentless vigor, It’s passion to grow, and it’s will to survive.”

“I hold the furies of life itself in my hand, and I’ll destroy all who seek to desecrate my creations. ” -Nefertem

Nefertem- God of light and healing

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Nefertem, the god of light and healing embodies all that is the spark of life. Born from the dark uncertain primordial waters in a lotus, he created mankind with his first tears upon birth.

Like a blue lotus that has yet to reach full bloom, Nefertem symbolizes the very essence of life, and his power is represented by the infinite potential that the living can achieve.

Beautiful, and benevolent, Nerfertem embraces all creation and watches over mankind with a loving and protective eye.


“The half bloomed lotus embraces all the living- it’s sacredness, and infinite potential.”

Scarab samurai

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Ekela- prodigy of light

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Ever since her days as a child, Ekela possessed a radiant beauty and a strong affinity with the light. The child would always find peace in wandering around old temple ruins, and was also naturally drawn to scriptures dictating healing mantras.

After suffering the loss of her parents after a demon attack,  Ekela was taken in by the order of the Blue lotus, a group of powerful nuns, who live in solitude to practice the ways of  the light and healing.

With her strong affinity with the light,  Ekela was a natural when it came to learning the ways of healing. Her talent soon rivaled even the elders, and she was later recognized as a prodigy in the healing arts.

Despite being known for their powerful magic, the Blue lotus seldom intervene in the affairs of people.

Ekela knew that she could never stand idle while there was conflict and bloodshed abound, so she left the blue lotus in search for ways to help people with her gift.

Songs praising the deeds of the beautiful healer were later sung, and the word of Ekela spread across the lands.

The blue lotus, branding Ekela as a traitor, hunted her down and punished her for her treasons. The malicious act was carried by her sisters who were once her closest companions, while others, were fellow peers who were jealous of her gift.

The cruel punishment left Ekela blind and her beautiful face marred.

It is a mystery, as to why Ekela chose to let her wounds remain, for she could easily restore her eyesight, and heal her broken visage with ease.

Till this day, Ekela travels the land, healing the victims of war, famine, and disease.Her magic has also become even more powerful, despite the loss of her eyes. Perhaps in the darkness, she found a way to embrace the light even more, for when she is blind, she cannot hate, and judge, and she heals everyone never questioning their deeds nor their past.


“Nerfertem, lend me your strength to cleanse these wounds.”- Ekela

Abdara the brilliant psychopath

| November 10, 2012 | 0 Comments

Insanity is but a fine line away from the state of being a genius.

One can also say that Insanity is the catalyst that fuels the brilliance of a genius. Afterall,  most brilliant inventions  come of as abstract and crazy ideas to begin with.

Like an unstable and powerful compound of boundless potential, the mind of Abdara conquers all with the power of science.

Abdara’s powerful intellect comes from a thirst, no- a lust for knowledge. Astral physics, Necromancy, Alchemy, Geomancy, Sorcery -you name it, Abdara has dabbled in them all, for he believes that “Magic” (or Magick) are but sciences that are yet to be comprehended.

With his vast understanding of the physical and arcane sciences, Abdara weaves and creates inventions like an artist painting a masterpiece.  Weapons of unimaginable, terrifying power, War-machines capable of mass destruction, Interdimensional gateways, and Elixirs that allow one to survive without nourishment for months with just a sip, were some of the many ideas that Abdara conjured.

Under the leadership of the Emperor, Abdara was promised resources, and his own laboratory (lair) to serve the Empire. The Mirage Raiders were one of the many inventions that Abdara created to proof his loyalty to the Empire.


“His insane ideas has brought us to an age of advancement centuries, no, millennia ahead of our time.”- The Emperor




Mirage Raider (Sniper)

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Countless Necromancers have long dictated the disadvantages of raising the dead as an army-  the undead subjects suffer from rapid necrosis of the flesh, and are devoid of having a consciousness.

Countless Necromancers were wrong indeed.

Possessing a great capacity for combat intelligence, the Mirage Raiders are nothing you’d expect out of an undead strike force.

Unlike the Restless Red which were forcefully animated by necromancy, the Mirage Raiders were elite warriors,  given life once again through the synergy of Necromancy and Alchemy.

Despite the limitations of being undead, the minds of the Mirage raiders are honed sharp with killer instincts which they developed in their lives, and their flesh still strong through the unique augmentation of alchemy.

Loyal Elite guards vowing to serve the emperor as the special task force even after death, and armed with advanced weaponary developed by  Abdara- the mad scientist ,the Mirage raiders are definitely a force to be reckoned with even in their  afterlife.

Butcher of the Nile

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7th concept! So far so good. Im learning so much of the digital medium everytime i load up a new concept on my laptop. This journey is looking good. FINGERS CROSSED* GOOOOO


.An executioner for the military with an immense lust for bloodshed in life, the butcher made a pact with Sobek, the god of the Nile River upon his untimely death.

“Protect these sacred waters, and you shall have the indulgence of painting them red with the blood of those who dare invade my domain.” were the terms Sobek gave, which echoed like music to the Butcher’s ears.

With the deal sealed, the butcher was reborn in the dreadful form of a cross between a crocodile and man, and once again clenched his colossal cleaver, to stand guard at the River of Nile.

The mighty titan stood ever vigilant in the cold waters of the Nile river, and disposed of intruders in the most brutal ways possible, often tainting the waters with the pigment of death- a gruesome shade of crimson.

The river of Nile thus protected its treasures from invaders under the watchful gaze of the butcher.

Do not be fooled by the butcher’s vigilance, as his drive is not one of a honorable defender’s- but  that of an insane murderer with a perverse and insatiable bloodlust.

Boatmen who seek passage in the River of the Nile often whisper hushed warnings of the butcher’s wrath. No matter where one hails from, the grim message  will always be the same.

“Be wary when treading the dark waters of the Nile River where the butcher lurks. He is always watching, and ever thirsty for blood.”




Specter of Malice

| November 7, 2012 | 2 Comments


.There is an old saying passed between hushed lips that only the blackest souls of the deceased never cross over, because the very sins they committed while they still draw breathe in the mortal world, bind them  as an obstruction to the salvation they crave.

Wraiths of these lost souls – sinners of the greatest evil in their life, reside in the darkest of crypts, where they prey on the souls of the recent dead, and sometimes even those of a wandering traveller. As eons pass, these apparations grow more attuned to the realm of mortals, and their forms evolve in deadlier manners to fit their vile and wicked obsessions.

The Specter of Malice, is one such phenomenon. A grostesque manifestation of the wicked atrocities these beings commited in their life and afterlife, its sole purpose is to wrought eternal terror and despair onto any being- living or dead.

“Let us feast on your  flesh, your sins and your soul, And be reborn as part of us”.

#4-Restless Red

| November 6, 2012 | 0 Comments

FIFTH CONCEPT and i must say, im starting to get the hang of digital painting. 25 more of such opportunities to improve and explore the digital medium. EXCITED   Animated by forbidden necromacy, the Restless Red are driven solely by their spiteful hatred for the living. Harnessed with the intent of being a biological weapon in ancient egypt, they spawn from the very crimson mist that fall as red rain onto any location that would be unfortunate enough to be it’s target of attack. The use of such sadistic magic would usually cause widespread onslaught as the ravenous undead slaughter, and devour all living – friend or foe, in it’s path.

#04 Gust of the desert

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#03 Sand Prince

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Heir to the late Scorpion King, the late Sand Prince is a rising prodigy and force to be reckoned with in battle. Graceful with the twin blades, the prince can also harness the magic of his blood to embrace the form of a white scorpion for unrivaled prowess in combat.

#01 Jackal

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#02 Feline fatale

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Witty, unpredictable, and enigmatic, the Feline Fatale moves unseen shrouded by shadows. Unbound by any allegiance, she is a thief, assassin, and seductress that wreaks havoc on those whom cross her path of beliefs.