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I'm a recent graduate of the Arts & Technology program at UT Dallas. I'm hoping to go on to either become a preproduction artist with a focus in character design and storyboarding in game production and animation, or run my own independent comic series.

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#2: Vishy Nobelle

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

Vishy isn’t exactly a space pirate; she’s more of a space vandalist. Much of her kicks are gotten by raiding ships and essentially crippling them, and then getting out before she’s either shot full of holes or the ship itself erupts.

While solo most of her young adult life, she eventually recruits herself into a bandit mercenary squadron called the Blind Daggers, named after the circus act of tossing knives while blindfolded at a person chained to a spinning wheel. As expected, she is typically the first one in on a job and the last one out.

#1: Han’neesh Cult Leader

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

The Han’neesh are a civilization of mutants who have grown adept to living underneath the sweltering heat of the desert sun, one of the few tribes who can bear it. Their culture is largely ethnoreligious, meaning much of the things they do and believe are very much tied to their race. While not believing in a god specifically, they do worship the elements to some small extent, and they have plenty of practices which help keep people sated and working well with one another.

However, there are those who have splintered off into their own group, centered around a single leader who has portrayed herself as nothing short of an Earthly Goddess. At one time, she merely sought a power grab which she could not have attained via the “official” means, but over the years, she began buying her own cult of personality, and as such, believes herself immortal.

2011 Challenger: Zachary Turnipseed

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hi! I’m Zack, otherwise known as Anderjak.

As my profile states, I’m a recent graduate at UTD, moving on to either enter preproduction in storyboarding or character design, OR put out my very own small number of various comic book projects.

I’ve tried a few of these challenges and, for one reason or another, responsibilities always get in the way. Blame it on bad timing or unfortunate circumstance — or just plain laziness at times, if you’d like — but I’m always kicking myself for never finishing.

I’d like to finally get through one this year. This one APPEARS to be manageable, provided ideas come with some ease, but we’ll just see. Here’s to hoping.