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#6 Johan Ghilstow

| November 14, 2011 | 0 Comments

Johan Ghilstow

Johan Ghilstow:

Founder of Ghilstow Enterprises, strong believer of Rational Self-Interest and the Ubermensch, and a notorious businessman, whose overbearing tactics have driven other corporations to be either assimilated to his own, or to bankruptcy.

Asides from his achievements in the fields of business, Johan has also engaged in several other activities throughout the galaxy in his quest to indulge his superiority among the other species, beating them in their own games. Recently, he has decided to engage in MetaSoccer and assembling a team fit to his standards, not for the sake of winning a measly cup, but for the sake of proving that Ghilstow Enterprises reign supreme.

#5 S.I.L.B.A.

| November 9, 2011 | 0 Comments




Self-Induced Logistics Biological Android, Servant Class Series.

This model in particular is considered defective for two reasons:

1) Is gender-less, which is a rarity in the models, as they’re specifically designed to be either male or female depending for what they’re needed for. That is, despite of behaving (questionably) like a male, its physiology is mostly female (i.e. Ken Doll Anatomy)

2) Acts independently from any other S.I.L.B.A. units, which caused the concern of possessing free will, which many consider is a REALLY bad idea for an artificial being to have, not taking in consideration other social issues, but that’s another story…

Regardless of these “defects”, its current owner bought its services. Nowadays, despite of working without any issues, he has developed an interesting fascination towards MetaSoccer, up to fanboyish levels. Still, no one make a big fuzz about it, not even its owner, since it seemed harmless enough. Then one day it met Ikaro…

#4 Captain Kruggar Tsubatsu

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

Captain Kruggar Tsubatsu

Captain Kruggar Tsubatsu:

“Hahah! Such cowardly, predictable tactics… Hear me; we have not yet begun to fight! Turrets 1 to 7!  FIRE!!!” 

Hot-Blooded Captain of the Gilgamesh, the Galactic Federation’s Class VI Space Battleship. Despite of being an overall wildcard, he’s a highly respected officer, whose infectious courage and determination has helped tip the scales in otherwise unwinnable situations.

During times of peace, he enjoys Opera Verismo with a glass of wine. If you spend a while in the bridge with him, some signs of this can be noticed on him.

#3 Don Jacinto

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

Don Jacinto

Don Jacinto:

“Chiquillos de porra… Bien les dije que dejaran esa vaina en paz!” (“Damn kids… I told them to leave that alone!”)

Jacinto Perez has a reputation of being a total grump among the kids in the neighborhood, always ruin their fun and otherwise being a total killjoy.

Of course, if any of them would take the time to get through his tough exterior, they’re bound to find out that he can be fun as well; in fact, should you listen to his advice once in a while, he would tell you stories about his youth, concerning adventures of his own involving ghosts, witches and even the devil himself…

How much of that is true is up to debate of course.


#2 Yolanda Veracruz

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

#2 Yolanda Veracruz

Yolanda Veracruz:

American born from Colombian parents and a devoted Catholic, Yolanda lived a rather humble childhood in Doraville, Georgia.

At first, had plans of studying Business at College, but due to financial limitations, she barely graduated from high school and eventually was forced to work retail to make ends meet and to sustain a daughter she had from one random night out. Despite of all these dificulties, she made the best out of it and excelled as a salesperson, eventually becoming the regional manager for Interport Internet Phone Services.

Nowadays, she’s content with her current position and always optimistic despite of economic fluctuations, as she’s doing all this to help her daughter gain a future of her own.

#1 Ikaro Xegara

| November 2, 2011 | 1 Comment

#1 Icaro Xegara

Ikaro Xegara:

Son of Legendary MetaSoccer Player Ronan Xegara, Ikaro, since he was a little, had aspirations to follow his father’s steps and follow the Clan Xegara motto: “Never equal, always surpass!” and play in the Vulparian MetaSoccer team in order to participate in the fabled Galaxy Cup tournament.

However, due to a twist in fate, he not only loses his father, but also his home world. Having no other relatives, he was sent from foster home to another; over the years he has grown bitter and sardonic and eventually runs away, simply wanting to forget about his previous life.

Years later, after wandering the galaxy, he ended up in one of planet Drakken’s mining moons, taking a job as a miner. It is here however where he meets a particular fellow that will help him rekindle the flame and reawaken his dreams.

2011 Challenger : Edgardo G. Salomon

| October 30, 2011 | 0 Comments

Edgardo G. SalomonGood day folks! I’m Edgardo G. Salomon, 2011 SCAD-Atlanta Alumni, Freelance Sequential Artist, wanderer by habit and overall nice guy from Atlanta.

On the past I’ve taken on other challenges such as the 24 Hour Comic. When I heard of this challenge, I decided to give it a try, considering that not only will it help keep the creative juices flowing, but also will help me clear my mind from some ideas that have been lingering in my head for so long and perhaps even get some projects started.

With that said, good luck to all participants and remember: This isn’t about winning or losing, but rather challenging yourself and giving it all you got, for that is the path to self-improvement.